I was featured on The State of LinkedIn’s Twitter feed, last week, for my LinkedIn status about officially being in the top 5% of earners and levying VAT.

If it was meant to wound me, it did the opposite. I did laugh out loud that the 125,000 views of the LinkedIn status, the 1000 plus likes and mix of supportive and negative comments catapulted me and my website into what felt like viral prominence.


If you’re not on LinkedIn as a business or an individual, you’re missing out big time as it is, in my opinion, the best social media platform.

Connect with me on there (unless of course, I’ve blocked you for being a bellend).

Now that status (and other daily posts from me that are left field)  led to massive profile views, over 700 connection requests and 30 actual telephone conversations about what I put and how I’ve managed to break the ceiling.

What was even more gratifying was that website visits topped 1000 in two days – not bad for a one man band stuck in the arse end of east Norfolk.

First though rewind.

When I set up Get Pro Copy, I earned £25 for a single blog in November 2015. I’d earned £40,000 per annum as a teacher so the return in month one was shit.

My earnings from November 2015 to October 2016 totalled £6900 for the year. They were hard times. We had to sell the family home to release equity, went to one car and I stopped drinking for mental health and fiscal reasons.

The wife still had a  permanent stable salary so we managed.

But this autumn / winter, when I posted the humblebrag status, my income has multiplied 10 times and more from 4 years ago and there’s no signs of it abating with new contracts for websites, social media, copywriting materialising in the last week alone.

Bear in mind that I work solo in my bougie home office and rarely stick on cruise control and sit back, metaphorically.

Business is booming.


Firstly, I’ve stuck at this enterprise.

I could have thrown in the towel in July 2016 and said “Fuck it. I need a salary.”

Instead I diversified to multiply income streams.

  • I mark GCSE English and English Literature mock exams for schools and demand for this service is unrelenting – I turn work away.
  • I write for businesses, whose only overhead is my time and electricity in my lovely Apple gaol.
  • I manage other company’s social media accounts – 12 LinkedIn profiles and company pages, 33 Facebook pages and 10 Instagram accounts (including my own). That requires creativity and time and an attention to breaking news that means I don’t switch off.
  • I design websites for good prices. One rival web agency locally charges £200 per hour plus VAT – they charged someone I know £100 to fix a contact form. That’s a piss take in my opinion. I charge £40 per hour plus VAT and am inundated, which suggests I provide value for money and quality service. I quoted £1200 plus VAT recently for a website and the client told me the nearest quote locally was £4800 inc VAT – quadruple what I charge.
  • I help people. I was a car crash back in November 2015 and various people helped me out of the trough of depression and anxiety. I don’t forget that help, which was financial and emotional support. I give the same back now. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t tolerate piss takers and those after a free hand which they’d pay for elsewhere – but I do offer advice and help willingly.

As 2020 beckons, I have a financial target – I want to exceed £100k this year as revenue. This is not through some inheritance or entitlement but from continuing to work hard at marking, marketing, writing, design and business advice.

I’ll let you know how it goes – and if someone is metaphorically having your pants down with web, copy, social, coaching, give me a bell and see how I can advise you.

07462923476 or [email protected] are best.