I live in Bradwell, Great Yarmouth, a bungalowed suburb where Tim Burton could blithely film a sequel or prequel to “Edward Scissorhands”. It’s 200 miles from Manchester and 119 from London.

Bradwell is in fact a nice place – but it’s awful for search terms.


Because no one in the immediate area requires copywriters, freelance writers or the like in terms of search analytics.

Do you know many searches there are for Copywriter Norfolk per month on Google?


Yes 10.

There’s a Norfolk too in the USA so I guess Norfolk in East Anglia probably gets zero or maybe one search a month for the likes of me.

It’s odd really – because Norfolk is not without its cosmopolitan areas. 

North Norfolk – Burnham Market, Holt, Cley, Wells – make Chelsea look shoddy.

Norwich too is urbane and attractive.

Yet content marketing, freelance writing, copywriting searches are incredibly low here.

London is where it’s at.

Now I’ll make a confession.

I’ve never lived in London – Norfolk is the furthest south we’ve ever settled – but my sister did live in Smith Square below the Bottomleys, which pained me when I was told her monthly rent, then to Shoreditch as it was being gentrified, in a flat off Old Street, I seem to recall.

London though never did anything for me either on extended stays or on flying visits since.

Yet I have been foolhardy in that I should have realised 25 years ago that a flat above a café, valued at £75,000 then, was an absolute steal. I should have ignored the midnight refuse men, the choked traffic, the pollution and high prices and bought it there and then and become a Copywriter London.

I look at writing jobs in London where they claim to pay £40,000 to £50,000 pa and wonder why they insist on making someone travel there daily to get paid that.

Bonkers to me.

You see, even in Norfolk (UK), we have FaceTime, Skype, landlines and a 90 minute train journey time to London from Norwich.

The second best place to be a copywriter in terms of searches is Manchester.

Now that is further away – but it is a city I love and would gladly return to – except the weather is shit there.

You might say, sat in a Manchester office or a London agency, chewing the fat with words, that climate is irrelevant – but I think you’d be wrong.

Norfolk has a lot of negative points, but you could never accuse it of being disappointing in spring, summer or autumn. I’m sat here now in shorts and will be until at least November as the micro-climate is so good.

But here’s what I’m really getting at for those job posters, recruiters, agency directors in the Northern Quarter or Hoxton:

Trust someone to write copy for you and let them do it from home in shorts in sunshine.

I’d like to be found on London and Manchester searches but I’m not prepared to sacrifice Vitamin D or this county for some urban SEO term.

Call to Action?

Wherever you are in Little Britain, I am available to work for you on social media, writing, copywriting – if you can look beyond this Norfolk address.

I’m off now to rev up my tractor and take my wife (my cousin) for a jaunt.