Right time for five teacher type tips for you, on how to become an awesome document writer.

Read on, Macduff:

  1. USE SECOND PERSON. It’s quite a difficult thing maybe for you to get your head round as we’ve been conditioned at school to write in 1st or 3rd person, but blogging, content writing is about marketing to an audience – so speak to them using You frequently. Like I’ve done in this first point.
  2. SHORT PARAGRAPHS. Again perhaps ingrained in your psyche from English lessons is the rules for paragraphing. You may not even have realised there are rules. You must? Change of time (“One year later”, “The next day”. Change of place. “He arrived in London at 3pm.” Change of speaker. Change of topic. Ad infinitum. The rules of writing copy though as an online document writer are different though, in that paragraphing should be frequent, almost like bullet points. This Short Paragraph section is far too long, I realise.
  3. CHECK AND RECHECK SPELLING AND GRAMMAR. You and I make errors – it’s inevitable. But when you’re trying to impress as a document writer, your final pieces need to be flawlessly accurate. No errant apostrophes. No missing capitalised proper nouns. No spelling errors.
  4. TELL A STORY. Writing should be enjoyable to read, and I don’t know about you, but I reckon we all have hundreds of anecdotes, narratives and events to recount. Any document writer worth his or her Maldon salt should be using stories to engage an audience.
  5. END WITH A CTA. End with a Call to Action – something you want your readers to do after they’ve finished.

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