Copywriting Tips? Okay here goes:

I’ve restricted copywriting tips to 10 as I’ll add more in a later blog post.

  1. Write with a personal, human voice for the audience you want – yes Google page ranking is massively important in terms of the keywords in your posts, but engaging and retaining web visitors is more important.
  2. Keep it simple. We all like to get creative with words, sentence structures and punctuation but often simplicity is best. Less is more. Some of the most memorable marketing campaigns and slogans are simple. Just Do It, inspired by a killer’s final words, and trademarked by Nike.
  3. Add compelling images is the third of my copywriting tips. There are free stock image sites, or better still use your own images, and enhance and crop in Photoshop, using a set size for your website blog posts: 1500 x 1125 is what you want when you export and save for web (legacy). Sounds complicated, but it’s not.
  4. Alt tag your images. %name _______ to describe the image, and don’t try to trick Google with nebulous tags. If it’s a photo of a beach, say %name beach and not %name Birmingham.
  5. If you’re writing for an online audience, Google has clear parameters that you should follow: 300 word minimum content, outbound links, a compelling metadescription, a 40 character title, use of subheadings.
  6. Use Yoast SEO, a plugin on WordPress, this visually signals how your writing is scoring in terms of SEO.
  7. Make your keywords clear.
  8. Check and recheck your copywriting for accuracy. If you’re serious about freelance writing, the last thing you want are spelling or grammatical or typing errors in your blog posts. This is your shop window – don’t sully it with greengrocer apostrophe misuse.
  9. Write with a purpose in mind – what do you want people to do when reading the copy?
  10. The last of my 10 copywriting tips? End on a Call to Action – here’s mine; if you want any advice or support with copywriting tips, contact me today.