How to make money as a copywriter dressed like a chav

The grey tracksuited, puffer jacket wearing great unwashed rolling fags, eating badly, taking drugs and drinking too much: the chav. I’m a chav copywriter. I think. A roadman or wordman?

Funnily enough, I fit into most of these categories – or used to. 

I was born and raised on a large council estate in Thorne, near Doncaster. It was and is an area blighted by high unemployment, narrow horizons and low ambitions. Childhood for me was council estate, but actually good in so many ways.

“Hey business leave those schools alone”

Schools hadn’t become academies, supply teachers were non-existent and education was rounded and fun.

The 70s and 80s, on a council estate, were fine times.

I only recently fell into slob gear. Or if I want to jump on my recent earning ascendancy , ath leisure wear, as a web designer and copywriter. I avoid Sports Direct as Mike Ashley is not my idea of a nice person. But I will frequent JD Sports and pay good money for tracksuit pants – my trousers of choice these days. I’m not averse to going to the shops in them as the days of young people recognising me as “Mr Walton, Sir” their English teacher are behind me. 

Even on city breaks in Europe in places like Rome, Berlin, Paris and Madrid, I’m not embarrassed to wear Adidas or Nike tracksuit pants and look like a 50 year old squeezed into yoot streetwear. 

I am a well-paid and successful chav.

But here’s where I’ve diverged.

I was always sharp at school as a pupil and as a teacher, always had to have the last word, always up for bants but in the last four years, I’ve freed myself from employment drudgery with freelance. 

Becoming a copywriter has freed me

Here’s how.

I now do things I love doing and am good at.


Firstly, I am a bionic marker of exams. I can read incredibly quickly, match responses to mark schemes and annotate like a demon. Therefore, schools still pay me to be an English consultant, to visit their departments and advise and support. I no longer stand in front of students indulging in anecdotes and banter but I like mentoring English teams with raising attainment. I charge £75 per hour for this work and have a regular supply of willing clients.

Marking is another educational string to my bow. Masochistically perhaps, a part of me still enjoys it. You’ve got to remember I don’t have to “go to work” daily, engage in staffroom politics or tolerate and suffer senior management bullying. No. I work from home. My commuter is bedroom one to bedroom three (foxy home office, aka the Apple Store). If I want a day off, I do it. If I want to wake up at 6am to mark and work 10 hours I can. I’m very good at marking and consultancy and have a waiting list for my services – even though I left education ostensibly in 2015.


Being a copywriter is probably my favourite title, after consumer. Above all else, I love copywriting. It’s not a chore, a burden, but something I feel privileged to be paid to do. Writing for businesses, writing articles, email campaigns, blog posts, white papers, social media updates. I’ve probably written thousands of pieces for my own businesses and others, as a copywriter, but you know what? I never think I can’t be arsed as copywriting is in my veins, if that doesn’t sound too corny. I particularly love writing about the property sector and quite a few estate agents and developers pay me to write area guides, articles and blogs.


Second to copywriting is social media. I’m an extrovert in real life and online and that’s the aspect of teaching I miss most – performing in front of classes. I now though have total freedom to be myself on all my own social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn – and no one can utter those dreaded words “Have you got a minute?” 

Code in education, at least, for a telling off. I run my own social and loads of other peoples and I’m creative and professional on their ones, preserving their brand voice and creating tribes of followers.


All self-taught, I enjoy doing this immensely. Additionally, being a graduate of English means that the hardest part of web design – crafting the content – is like falling off a log for me. I don’t sit scratching my grey trackies or my grey beard, thinking about what to write. I’m a teacher and writer at heart. In other words, I’ve taught myself web design and mastered it pretty well. 200 websites since May 2018 suggests that too.


I work as a Property Introducer and with my network am able to find good estate agents and developers to move property on with. Most estate agents, at least locally, would throw their grandma and you under a bus for a tenner, but I know some great ones within Norfolk (only one mind in Fakenham) and many outside the county. Firstly, you ask me to find someone to sell your business, your commercial or residential property and I’ll do the legwork so you’re not left under that bus with grandma.


Finally, I’ve recently partnered with Tom, a car broker, at That Car Bloke. He is an expert in sourcing deals as he has for me. Thus, for an upfront fee, we can source any new or nearly new or used car at a price you won’t manage in a month of Sundays. Tom knows the industry inside out and together we can beat the dealer every time.

I work hard at all six

This is where the chav analogy unravels – I don’t smoke or drink (I got in a right mess with booze as a result of educational trauma). I don’t have a Pitbull, but a genteel rescue Border Collie. I work my socks off too as money is a big motivator for me.

In fact, I love earning well every month, not to stash it for some future retirement, but to live for the here and now: a nice whip, ath leisure clothes and trainers, a lovely home and lifestyle, with no worries about the future.

I love being a freelance copywriter.

If you want to be successful, there’s no easy way, trust me. 

Diversifying, as I’ve done, with six major activities that I love, is the way forward. 

Bin the workplace, ditch your bosses and colleagues and work for yourself and your family. 

That’s my chav mantra.

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