Julian Fellowes, he of Downton Abbey fame, stated this week that he believes the future of Literature is episodic.

So much so that his new fiction “Belgravia” is being written for an app in 11 weekly episodes.

You may or may know not know that Dickens’s novels were serialised – hence the Eastenders’ falling down stairs cliffhangers at the end of each chapter in Great Expectations.

Chapter 1 ends with Pip being sent home by Magwich for a file and wittles.

Chapter 2 with Pip running across marshes, and the third with the convict legging it.

Deliberate by Dickens. Published in magazines, the dramatic denouements ensured a repeat audience visit.

All very well for well known names like Charles Dickens and Julian Fellowes, but there is a connection with your business, your service, your website.

I will digress now into personal recount.

This is a tale of shower taps, not apps.

This week, we’ve had some work done in the bathroom of the new house: a two tiled section sitting above the bath has been chipped off and replaced from bath to ceiling with new white glossy tiles to reflect light into arguably the darkest room in the building.

Now what I won’t do is chronicle the daily events of said bathroom.

I’ve bored everyone already with that on my personal Facebook account.

Each day did end with some sort of drama, however: we ran out of tiles whilst I was on the school run (ie walking). I ordered the wrong mixer tap fittings. Twice. The plasterboard collapsed. Splashback debates ensued. And so on.

It was episodic but I doubt as riveting as Downton or “Oliver Twist”.

Bear with me though, as the message is coming soon.

The taps.

The taps I ordered.

A tale of two taps.

I placed an order after a Google search with a firm who claimed to have the mixer tap I wanted in stock. Last Thursday.

Yesterday, after several communications, the shower tap arrived, a week after ordering, and it was the wrong one – entirely my fault.

In my search frenzy, I’d failed to research shower tap codes and ended up with the wrong one.

What I’d also failed to do, as time was precious, was research the supplying firm. I’d assumed a local firm would deliver quickly – lesson learned, never assume anything.

Terrible reviews on Google Plus, Trust Pilot and its company Facebook page.

So yesterday, in a state of mild panic, I went for the Google jugular, the long tail search!

“thermostatic bath shower mixer taps deck mounted”

Amazon, eBay near the top but another independent firm were there on Page One of Google.

I landed on a Plum website (pun intended), found said item whose product reviews were excellent, price was good, and I could pick next day delivery for £9.95.

After ordering I was cleverly redirected to place a review on Trust Pilot which I did and then I got a personal email – not from a robot or an email template – but a person who’d read my comments, thanked me for them, all within 5 minutes.

Now that, pun intended, is better than the shower I dealt with before.

This excellent company where customer service is paramount also had something else on their website which, along with the scores of positive reviews, had catapulted it up Google rankings: yes an authored blog strategy, tabbed as  “Ideas” and “Advice” for bathroom and bedroom.

“Ideas” is mainly a gallery of excellent photographs, whilst “Advice” mixed the two – photos and words.

Other positive aspects struck me too.

Each post tells you how long it will take to read.

What a great idea.

They’re also very frequent and up-to-date – the last one was published an hour ago.

This company have nailed a marketing strategy it seems to me.

6 social media outlets are fed as frequently as the blogs. Even their YouTube channel (one of Google’s biggest algorithm factors) is fed regularly.

The website is super easy to circumnavigate and they’ve struck gold with the gently persuasive automated review tactic.

If your company needs help with blogging, social media nourishment, a strategy to make your services and products visible online – ring me for a chat today.

I might even give you a quick shower update!