So as 2015 draws to a close and the horizon lights with 2016, we make resolutions, which are apparently broken by 90% of us before February dawns.

I’ve got a few personal ones, but here, in this blog post, I’ll focus on my top 5 social media management business resolutions, relating to Get Pro Copy, SEO and your audience.

No, carry on reading please, I’ll leave the sales pitch for another blog and try to engage you all in a list:

  1. Create regular engaging content. Neil Patel, an SEO king, says when you’re starting any business to climb Google, you need at least one blog post a day – that’s why I’m so driven at the moment producing content writing every day. I want this business to appear on search engines and be near the top eventually. It’s currently like the daffodils I see in the garden, just rupturing the soil’s surface, hopefully flowering in spring.
  2. Blog for your business. Matt Black, a LinkedIn connection, published a fantastic article about why your business needs a blog. He says if you went to a retail outlet for new patio furniture and the store only had Christmas decorations on display, you’d form a very negative opinion of it. Your website is the same – if your last blog post was a month, 6 months, a year or more ago, you’d form an opinion, as would Google and its algorithms.
  3. Make your website visible through social media management. You’re creating great copy, blogging regularly, but a look at Google analytics shows visits to the website are not increasing. You have to use social media to drive traffic to your website, to increase brand awareness and make people click when they’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus or Twitter. Featured images are vital to get the click but once they’ve landed your website needs to be fast to load, easy to navigate round and be relevant to their needs. Look too on Analytics at your Bounce Rate – the % of people who land and don’t navigate around the site. More about that later.
  4. Learn what to post on Social Media. It is inadvisable to use a one size fits all approach for social media. So if you’re sharing a newsworthy trending article, Facebook and Twitter may be best. Twitter is the fastest moving news feed in the world and if your business is not Tweeting constantly, no one will notice. A great blog post with a beautiful, relevant featured image could be shared with its URL on all platforms, particularly Pinterest and Instagram. You can track impact through various free sites.
  5. Social Media links on your website. Market your social media management through website permalinks, which are clearly visible. On this website, there are 4 of them in the header and footer. I also have a Pinterest and Instagram account, which I post on too. Email signatures need these hyperlinks too to encourage click throughs – my email signature has links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, not in icons either because some email recipients’ accounts won’t render the icon.

A great website, easy to navigate round, quick to load, with engaging, fresh content.

Branded social media accounts as your shop windows to drive visitors to the website.

And if this all sounds too onerous, get in touch with me – sorry couldn’t resist the sales pitch at the end!

Have a great 2016.