Unpacking books with my daughter, an argument ensued about her Rainbow Magic books. They’re ghostwritten I told her, but Ruby, my 9 year old daughter, obviously knows better.

She was adamant that Daisy Meadows is real, I assured her she’s not and had to explain to someone who knows more than her dad, what ghostwritten means.

It’s obvious perhaps to adults – but children clearly reckon Daisy Meadows or Adam Blade (“Beast Quest”) knock out one novel a week.

I’ve recently undertaken a bit of ghostwriting myself and it’s enjoyable and challenging writing about unfamiliar topics, with a brief in mind.

There is something satisfying too about linguistic anonymity in producing ghostwritten articles.

I’ve mentioned this before to the point of clichéd repetition but in this brave new online world we all live in, content is king.

If your website hasn’t embraced a blogging strategy, with a ghostwritten or self-written platform of posts, you’re missing a trick.

Several tricks.

Think about it.

Google rewards fresh content.

Its algorithms, its data crawls, its decisions to allow page ranking ascents are all based on what you write, how you write it and the way the blogging strategy is promoted.

If you’re a business looking to become the go-to place online, ranking above competitors, you need to seriously think about a ghostwritten blog strategy.

You want to be the highest ranking estate agent in your town, the top barber or hairdresser, the number one removal firm, the highest ranking cattery?

You need to get a blogging strategy in place.

Keyword loaded, search engine optimised writing, ghostwritten for your target audience – without errors, on time, with a brief carefully followed and injected with some personality – will see your company, your service climb search engines, generating more hits and more business.

It’s affordable too. More affordable than you’d think.

Contact me today with any ghostwritten requirements – and watch your business grow.