Below, I’ll give ten top tips on how to create a successful Facebook company page.

Facebook is arguably the greatest social media marketing tool of recent times.

Its reach can be stupendous once the foundations have been built and in terms of cost, you get a much greater return than PPC on Google Ads.

Like anything you start though from scratch, a Facebook company page needs time and effort.

Here’s some tips from a Facebook power user (both personally and professionally on the four Facebook pages I created and manage).

  1. Get the branding right. You want people to recognise a uniformity of logos, colour schemes, profile pictures across all social media platforms. It’s no accident that the LinkedIn page, Twitter profile, Google Plus, look similar to the Facebook page of Get Pro Copy.
  2. Select a name when creating the page that mirrors your brand. Make sure the url matches as in
  3. Complete all fields on the Facebook company page and double check these: email addresses, mobile and business telephone numbers need to be accurate. The impressum and mission statements, your home address should all be completed, along with your founding date.
  4. Feed your Facebook. Think of it as a foetus. To grow, to develop, to make an impact in marketing terms, it needs nourishment. Content. Content curation and content marketing are relatively new phrases but they’re not vacuous soundbites. Content curation means collecting relevant and INTERESTING information and sharing it. It doesn’t all have to be about sales and the big I am. You want people to share your content, like your posts, which will lead to organic growth of your Facebook company page.
  5. Post regularly with varied content. Ask questions of your Facebook followers. Post polls. Share news articles relevant to your business. Share team photos, informal photos. Use YouTube links. Add comments and questions to shared URLs. You want to engage an audience, who will then hopefully like and share your page.
  6. Messaging? You have the option with a Facebook company page to toggle messages on and off. You can decide this. I personally have it toggled to off on Get Pro Copy as there’s numerous ways to contact me. You might wisely decide if your Facebook company page is your only online presence to have messages turned on. It makes sense.
  7. Add admin members if your company is not run by one person. Beware though that giving someone admin privileges may need some monitoring. A pet hate of mine is when an admin member likes the Facebook company page status or joins in a thread that doesn’t reflect the brand values you’re aiming to cultivate. Watch closely!
  8. Pay to boost posts. If you’re an estate agent with a new property that you’re keen to market locally, pay £3 to £15 to Facebook and set up an audience. We did this with our 13 properties as Farrell Walton estate agency and the reach exceeded 2,000 per promotion. That is better surely than expensive office premises with window cards?
  9. Imbue it with personality and a bit of pizazz if possible. Okay, if your Facebook company page is about wills, funeral services, etc, it may not be wholly appropriate, but charities dealing with cancer, heart disease etc use Facebook pages to tell positive stories as well as raising awareness and funds.
  10. Facebook company pages are public. Your page is not your personal page – settings are public to maximise reach. Bear this in mind when posting content. It doesn’t mean you have to avoid provocative issues or show personality but you can get comments on there that you wouldn’t get on your own personal page from Joe Public. Decide how you’ll deal with negativity, profanities (there is a profanity filter), discriminatory comments and the like.

I hope this has helped you get a handle on Facebook’s massive marketing clout on a well-designed, consistently branded company page that is fed regularly.

If you want an existing page pimping, rebuilding, or a new Facebook company page creating and fed with content, drop me an email: [email protected] or phone me on my new business number 01493 808865.

I’m here to help your business grow.