Ok, a bit of a shameless plug as they say on those regional Twitter hours: a blog post about why your company needs a Facebook page.

But first let’s examine the take off of Facebook: we all know it began as a college networking site in 2004, but has since become the most used Social Media site globally.

We all love statistics, so here’s 5:

  1. On average, around the world, 40 minutes is spent every day on Facebook – 40 minutes per person in the world – that’s a huge, captive audience waiting to connect with your Facebook page.
  2. Smartphone users check Facebook 14 times daily on average.
  3. Canada and the USA have the highest daily users of Facebook – 157 million each day.
  4. 29 million of the UK population use Facebook daily, and this is estimated to grow to 33 million by 2018.
  5. 21 million of the UK population access Facebook daily on smartphones.

These figures should demonstrate why a Facebook page for your business is not only desirable, but absolutely necessary.

I’ve built quite a few Facebook pages for others and myself and have first hand experience of its reach and impact. Facebook pages move in mysterious ways – the owner of one company whose page I manage invited all his Facebook friends en masse to like it – but many didn’t get the invite. Facebook works like that.

You need to pace yourself with Facebook like invitations – 5 to 10 maximum per day.

More importantly than Likes though is “reach” – this is the number of people who’ve seen your post in their news feeds. This reach includes desktop and mobile but the counter stops after 28 days, so don’t be despondent if a post seems to have become invisible after a month – it hasn’t but it’s not being tracked and measured.

Facebook advertising is the most cost effective marketing ever – I paid £3.00 to promote a property for sale – just £1.00 a day and its reach in 3 days, with careful hashtags and photo placement was 1,961 appearances in news feeds of the page.

A business Facebook page (and Twitter profile) needs branding to match your company’s – if you look at the Twitter and Facebook and G+ pages for Get Pro Copy linked on this website.

Here’s my Twitter profile, Get Pro Copy Facebook page and Google Plus page. All have a clear brand identity in terms of colour and images.

You also need to track engagement with posts – the other day I shared a video of the Northern Lights in Norfolk and its reach (without promoting it) was 600; a news item on the Outer Harbour in Great Yarmouth had a reach of 1,800, whilst another story about Manchester had a reach of 95 – clear indicators to me of what I should be posting.

Here is my Facebook page as Stuart Walton, freelance writer.

Facebook pages – building and managing them – are a strength of mine.

If you want a Facebook page building, rebuilding or managing, on a pay as you go monthly basis, get in touch with me please.