The estate agent blog is comparatively rare though many forward-thinking companies now realise the importance of posting blogs.

Do estate agents realise how they’re missing traffic and potential future home sellers and home buyers?

So let me become a house seller (which I am). I open Google search and type in Estate Agents Norwich for example – ignoring the Google ads – which apparently most of us do instinctively, to find there are seven estate agents on page 1.

One, just one of the seven, has a blog section, after I’d checked them all.

Delving further, it was great to see that the blogs are up to date – every two days new posts are added and they’re high quality and engaging. This estate agent is fifth on page 1 and has 88 properties for sale on its website, which is quite modest compared with others on page one.

But this estate agent blog posts showcase the company as an industry expert, a thought leader on estate agency.

So how should this estate agent blog (or its rivals) write to climb Google rankings?

How could this 5th placed estate agent rise from 5th to 1st and how should the top one protect its lofty position?

I could show and tell, but then I’m putting myself out of work!

In fact, when your estate agency email inbox is inundated daily with grand schemes to update your website and climb Google rankings, you need to be sceptical.

I’ve done it though with my own websites – climbed from nowhere as an estate agent to page 7 within two weeks and to fourth on page one in 2 months when I was up against estate agents with multiple branches and a long legacy of tradition.

So you want to be top of Google?

Or are you happy to be on page 2 or page 3?

Or 7th on page 1?

There’s no simple answers, but there are strategies.

If you’re an estate agent in Norwich, Wymondham, Thetford, Great Yarmouth, Holt, Cromer or Lowestoft or anywhere in the UK in fact and want, longer term, to be number one in estate agency searches and increase business through Google placement, get in touch with me.

I’m a writer, with a property brain, who will help your business grow through the content I’ll create for your website and Google searches.

Trust me.