A 100 years ago, 50 years ago, 30 years ago even, no one would share their content.

Admittedly,the online world was dormant but no one shared trade tips or advice.

Coca Cola’s recipe was a secret. Bricklaying had to be learned hands on.

YouTube and Google have opened up content for all to see. We live in an information-rich world, where content writing is everywhere. Your business has to have the right information, tips, advice, the persuasive power to make people come to your website and then stay and revisit.

Blogs are a new sensation – there’s no mystery to them though if you know how Google works. You see there’s this rather grand term called Search Engine Optimisation – it means the right content writing pushes you up rankings on Google. Someone searches for a wedding photographer in Manchester, certain results come up first – it’s not a fluke or a fiddle – it’s because those websites at the top of Google have worked hard optimising their content. We are experts at that too.

It’s all about keywords, where to use them and how often.

Blogs are an essential part of website content marketing.

Target Audience or Market

You’ve got to know who your customers are, what they’re searching for online and how to appeal to them to keep them coming back.

It’s content writing that is relevant to your market – it’s perhaps not the wisest strategy if you’re say an online florist writing blogs about cars – that’s not what your target audience wants and it’s not what Google wants for your business. Much better is to write expert tips about caring for cut flowers, when to feed houseplants and what with. A top 10 tip list.

Know your audience, and market the right content to them.

The target audience may be restricted to one area – if you have a defined location you work in, you target that audience locally not just through SEO but through a powerful social media strategy.

You use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to steer your content rich website, and get shares, likes and follows – which gains website visits, nourishes your business and accelerates you up Google rankings.