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Last week, when I published a post about Content Marketing and Content Curation, I ended with a promise of self-learning:

Learning about the Skyscraper Strategy.

It’s not an easy marketing ploy to assimilate or implement –  from my perspective anyway.

Brian Dean though waxes lyrical about it on BackLinko and on his video:

Watch it here.

To summarise, there’s 3 main steps to the Skyscraper Technique:

  1. Find content with lots of inbound links. You do this by keyword search of rivals in Google.
  2. Create something even better. You use the content found in point 2 and create something better. Hence its name – skyscraper – you build extra floors. So if a blog on say  “The 10 best places to buy a house in London” is occupying top spot on Google, look at that content and build on it. Improve it, bring it up to date and make it more attractive. Make it “The 100 best places to buy a house in London”, including infographics and greater depth.
  3. Email Outreach. Get your content out there by strategic emailing who’ve already linked to the inferior content. Brian Dean even provides a suggested email script.

I line the idea immensely and Brian Dean proves it works in terms of his website’s organic reach. The technique may need Anglicising though so perhaps some rewording of the email script wouldn’t go amiss?

What is clear though is that the Skyscraper technique requires work to make it succeed.

You need to find the high ranking content first, apply analysis and then begin the real work, making that content better. If the content is better, the final part, acquiring inbound links, shouldn’t be onerous.

But if it’s weaker as content, you’ve wasted your time.

So, as a newly self-employed freelance writer, I’m going to try the Skyscraper Technique this week and I’ll report back to you by Friday.

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