Direct mail, snail mail, print marketing by post is still the favoured way to be sold to by 54% of the population. Does that surprise you?

Initially it did with me, when I read that Britain’s population ownership of a smartphone is 80% and rising (second globally to the USA).

On reflection though, it makes absolute sense.

Post is actually lower in density than email marketing, even with the occasional takeaway flyer, hanging from the letter box.

It made even more sense last week.


Subaru sent me a 5 page brochure.

Did I bin it?


I read it.

My wife read it.

A friend read it when it was sat on a coffee table.

I even looked online as a model was featured I’d never encountered.

A Levorg.

I’d never heard of it before, but that small A6 printed brochure piqued my interest into looking at that, the Boxer engine and the asymmetrical all wheel drive system. Geeky I know.

But there’s a point.

That printed, direct mail, marketing literature worked.

You see, we’re bombarded daily with internet content noise.

I checked my junk folder of my personal email address, today, just 4 hours after looking at it before, to find 51 messages lodged there.

Quick scan, none opened, all deleted.

Same with text messages – Pizza Hut regularly message me about deals.

Does it tempt me?


After the 54% who prefer printed mail, comes the second highest category – the 30% who like Social Media content marketing.

But here’s the rub.

Those 30% can’t be subcategorised into various social media platforms, as respondents said they use one mainly.

You, as a content marketer, in business, have to second guess whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any others.

Do you curate content and distribute it through all or focus on just Facebook and Twitter, hoping some of the noise you’re adding gets listened to.

You’d be more effective using a printed content marketing strategy.

Your consumers, your buyer persona, prefer it.

If you want to create content, shape copy, generate new business through using good old-fashioned, though uber-effective, snail mail, get in touch with me to see how can I help.

Write Copy Right is in my logo and my DNA; I pride myself on doing just that.