I make money, a good living actually, from the pen and the keyboard. 

Far more than I made in teaching English, leading an English team or being a Director of the subject across three schools. There’s money in words and lots of it and if you’re ignoring content as a means of increasing profits, quite frankly, you’re a bit thick.

Let me explain why the pen matters

When anyone with an iota of thinking power wants to make a purchase, they head online to research it. I’ve been positively glowing with excitement over the iPhone 11 Pro’s release and got one last Friday, but not without weeks of research.

I watched YouTube speculative videos about it before it was released. I did the usual Google searches for reviews and even set up alerts online for breaking news.

Next level geekery, I know, I know.

Decision time

When I’d decided to take the plunge and buy an 11 Pro Max, I knew already what colour I wanted. I knew which case to buy and where I would get it. I’d done my homework. The place I bought it from was the same price as elsewhere (Apple price fixing). But this company had swayed my decision making by providing great content for me.

Your business, whether it’s local, national or global, should approach sales that way.

Customers may not have the OCD fastidiousness that I showed. But before any major purchasing decision – new home, new car, new kitchen, new window cleaner – you can bet your bottom Euro (Brexit RIP) that they will have Stuart Walton levels of clicking before they press Buy it Now.

How you can influence

Today, handing over a website at a local café, I was asked about the purpose of blogging. It wasn’t a riveting discussion, but it wasn’t something I’ve squeezed into this article to get some covert blogging sales message across. I said “Look. A blog gives you information to share on social media. It links back to your website, and providing it offers value and answers. Humans will look at your website when they fancy a cooked breakfast, a quick coffee and sandwich. Why? Because your blog about Gorleston beach reminds them to come to you.”

That sounds a bit scripted. It’s not word for word clearly, but the intent was clear.

Offer readers something engaging and they will come to you. It may not be tomorrow – but they will, eventually.

Mix this with social proof with active social media posts and a good review strategy and they’ll turn up faster.

Pick up the pen

If you’re stuck in a job you hate, with colleagues you dislike and a bellend of a boss, you know you have to start digging a tunnel out. Your first job is to pick up a shovel and make some tentative stabs at marking an escape route.

Ergo your business.

If you want to increase sales and engagement, footfall at your business and accelerate profits, pick up a pen and write.

If you’re no good at writing, or hate it as much as that bellend boss, outsource it to copywriters.

Same with your website.

That cannot sit in aspic, gathering dust, gaining little traffic and leave you saying “I don’t get much business from my website, so I won’t invest.” You can invest in marketing or expansion with a merchant cash advance.

Invest in your website

If your website is a museum piece, about as appealing as Miss Havisham’s wedding cake, pick up the phone and contact a copywriter, a web designer, a social media expert.

But for your sake, do not do nothing. 

If your website and business is not working for you, making you happy with a good standard of living, you need to start working on it. 

I may not be a typical consumer who researches to the nth degree – but I don’t believe I’m atypical either.

The pen is mightier than the sword – now pick that writing instrument up.

Don’t believe it works? 

Look at me: talking the talk and walking the walk with my business: Get Pro Copy Ltd and check out my portfolio and what others say about me on Google and social.