In a global internet sense, do localised searches still matter? Do people search for SEO Norfolk, SEO Suffolk etc?

The short answer is yes.

The advice I’ve read is always to go for long tail URLs and keywords – so instead of aiming to climb Google for a search tag of “Estate Agents”, go for something more achievable with a location: “Estate Agents Manchester”, “Estate Agents Gorleston” or “Norwich Estate Agents.”

It applies to any business of course – furniture stores, photographers, cleaners – if you want to be found on searches, your website has to be optimised for keywords and URLs, with a location – so this blog post is titled SEO Norfolk.

This is where I come in to play.


Your website, your web content, your social media accounts here in Norfolk may need an SEO boost to increase its visibility and credibility on searches.

Remember the three second rule – any website is looked at on average for 3 seconds. 1 – 2 – 3 – gone.

So here’s a three stage plan:

  1. MEASURE – Now what I can do is measure your current standing on Google, whether you’re third on page 1 or languishing on page 10. This is the simple part – but there’s reasons behind where you stand – and I will work out why.
  2. EVALUATE – I look at your rivals and evaluate with you what our next steps could be. Does your web content need tweaking or a radical makeover? Where do you see your business standing in 6 months’ time on search engines?
  3. STRATEGY – you trust me to tweak your website, to revamp it, to maximise impact and put in place a blogging strategy along with creating and running your social media platforms to boost your visibility and create stronger business credibility. I craft the blog posts, as a ghostwriter, daily, weekly, monthly, and you take the credit and focus energies on running your business – knowing the content strategy is in very safe hands.

No, I’m not a web designer, I don’t make fancy claims to that, but what I have is three years’ experience and understanding of the SEO strategies that will elevate your business online and create profits through increased client purchase of your products and services.

There’s no quick fix, no easy win to climb Google with Content Marketing, but what I have is a series of proven strategies for climbing that ladder.

You want to do this?

Ring me anytime on 07462923476.

We’ll get together over coffee at a convenient time to discuss SEO strategies to make your business stand out from the Google crowd.