Given the huge portal costs and the attempts by the On The Market to break this duopoly, can you successfully sell a property as an estate agency without using these three behemoths?

Most industry experts would laugh and say no.

“It’s impossible. The reach of Rightmove and Zoopla is so extensive that you’d be seriously deluded to think it’s possible.”

I though am not so sure.

I accept it’s standard industry practice but I think many of the hits on Rightmove and Zoopla are habitual net-twitchers.

Personally, I check each portal daily still – having moved only 8 weeks ago.

I can’t imagine I’m alone either?

I think reliance on these two portals does lead to a level of complacency.

How many estate agents invest as much in their own websites, Facebook pages, Facebook ads and Twitter as they do on paying portals?

An estimate of £1600 plus a month for portal fees, I guess, covers it.

That’s a whopping £19,200 every year, with fees increasing annually.

So I ask here, in all seriousness, without any denigration of the giant portals with their giant fees, can you not consider alternatives?

Have you considered other options?

With Rightmove profits for 2015 running at £144 million with Zoopla Property Group amassing £33 million, don’t you as estate and letting agents think there could be an alternative marketing strategy?

Not dropping the portals, but thinking, negotiating better rates so the cash cow of portals doesn’t get overfed with your estate agency money?

Or spending some of your portal money on your website.

A content marketing strategy, a blogging strategy, created collaboratively, with engaging and interesting fresh content, with linked social media pages that are managed daily by you or I.

And the cost?


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Article also published on Estate Agent Networking UK.