Do you remember when Kevin Keegan (fellow Doncaster lad) went on a meltdown when Sir Alex Ferguson started playing his famous mind games?

King Kev, as Newcastle boss, in the days before Mike Ashley owned the club, repeatedly spouted “I’d love it …” and was mocked and admired in equal measure.

Well, I’ve been spouting, I love it (present tense, you notice), all week.

It’s because I genuinely now love what I do: property content marketing has made me content.


Another tangent first.

I recall Homer Simpson having that Alaskan epiphany in the Simpsons Movie.

Do you?

In order to save himself, he had to save others, was the mantra he had to chant.

Well this week, combining Kevin Keegan’s passion with Homer’s catharsis, has made me happy.

To be honest I’ve been happy for a while now but this week has been bloody champion, to go all northern.


I’ve realised, at 51 to 52, that writing and managing social media for estate agents, realtors and letting agents, is actually a perfect job.

You see, I’m a social animal, online and in real life, and with my new found sobriety and escape from education, that magic mojo has returned.

I actually love my work – property content marketing- for the first time in decades.

Now what I won’t do is list all the companies I work for and the property content marketing I do for them – but what I will say with absolute certainty is that Stuart Walton, Get Pro Copy, partner in 321 Websites, owner of Property Blogs, will now spend the rest of his days in content marketing for the property industry – and that makes him very content.

I love my work, me, as they say in Manchester.

If you need help with marketing, storytelling and becoming a social animal online, get in touch – tap the contact form or ring me on my mobile, which is permanently attached to my body.

07462923476 is the number to call to speak to Homer Keegan.