Pinterest is something I use regularly to divert traffic to my website and blog post. Here, I’ll give my tips for creating marketing success from Pinterest.

Pinterest is a virtual pin board, a giant fridge, if you like, festooned with pinned photos. It’s cleverer than that though – I’m deliberately over-simplifying it.

When you first sign up for Pinterest, it asks whether you want to install a Pin it browser button on your toolbar. It’s basically, positively driving you to share photos on mood boards. Do it if you like. The browser button saves time and is an uber easy way of sharing photos you like and photos you have to market your products and services.

Hashtags can be used on Pinterest but in my opinion they’re a bit pointless so don’t bother. Hashtags are the search symbol for Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. Hashtags can be used on boards but don’t contribute to google algorithms I’ve read.

URL links – now this is why I pin. Each of my blog posts has a featured image in WordPress which I then Pin to my Freelance Writer mood board. It’s more though than online philately – the url can be copied into the image description so if someone likes your pinned image they can see its source and be driven to your website, where hopefully they’ll engage and be converted into a client.

Mood boards – really folders of  photos.  When we were getting ideas for the Farrell Walton website in October 2014, Steve Grogan our photographer directed me to Pinterest to create a mood board for corporate head shots and  images of Norfolk and Suffolk. I’d never used it before then, but he converted me. You can create individually titled mood boards and decide where to  upload pins each time.

Followers – like Twitter, or Facebook, you gather followers on Pinterest and these followers are often more disparate than Instagram, where my experience is you already have some personal or professional connection. Others though who aren’t following you can still browse and repin your pins.

Finally, when I look at my social media accounts and measure their success in analytics – Pinterest and Twitter are the top two accounts for driving traffic to the Get Pro Copy website.

If you’d like further advice on Pinterest or content marketing through social media platforms, get in touch with me any time.