Only recently discovered the app known as Just Eat and without reaching for Wiki to research its origins, founders and value, I’ll leap straight in.

Just Eat is quite a smart arse app.

You enter your postcode, specify types of cuisine and a list is populated. You add things to a basket, Amazon style, and checkout.

Now what’s clever is it tells you a delivery time, lets you see previous orders and then just as you’ve put down your cutlery after the biryani, a notification pops up asking you to review the meal.

Slick indeed.

It’s made those awkward conversations, where the family argues about what to order, what you’ve ordered, whilst you’re on the phone, obsolete.

Just Eat though, as a phrase made me think: Apprentice style.

Should Vana Koutsomitis have pitched her dating app as Just Meet (or Just Meat?) to have won?

Should Joseph Valente called his winning proposition, Just Heat?

There’s a myriad of possibilities here – Just Dance have bagged it for the Wii, Just Brazils reminds me of those 70s chocolates I bought my mum; Just Giving the charity donator, and Nike’s Just Do It.

But here’s some other Just App ideas:

  1. Just Imbiber – selling drinks with a clever word play twist (Is it too late to say Sorry?)
  2. Just Feet – shoes and kicks
  3. Just Teat – selling weaning products
  4. Just Sheets – bedding or paper (sister website – Just Neat)
  5. Just Wheat – to counter the gluten free businesses that are developing exponentially
  6. Just Desserts – a pudding or hitman app?

Apps though are notoriously expensive to build and manage – hence Vana’s defeat as the £250,000 investment would have been sucked up by Just Meet.

But with desktop web browsing declining and smartphone use dominating, apps aren’t going anywhere but one way – up.

I did dabble with building one for the estate agency business, but the mechanics of building one, defeated me within 2 days. I think app building will develop and it won’t be long before webinars and instructional videos appear on YouTube, but in the meantime, Just Eat is a masterstroke of execution.

There is one problem though.

The takeaway was delivered without the ordered mango chutney, which was Just Mean.