Marketing blog, such an odd phrase don’t you think? Before 2006, if you’d have used the term in public, people would narrow eyes and wander off muttering “Weirdo”.

Not now though.

It’s hashtag trending, you see.

Someone asked me the other day, when seeing me in Norwich, what I do now, I said “I write blogs.”

It provoked a similar reaction to the weirdo utterance from 2006 but they need to get with the times.

Content marketing, marketing blogs, call it what you like, is here to stay.


Let’s go to base level: if you’re a man reading this marketing blog, tell me honestly, when you go to urinate in a familiar public convenience; no hear me out please; do you choose the same urinal every time?

I do.

Not to be sexist, as I know most of my Get Pro Copy web visitors statistically are women, when you need a pee, do you select the same cubicle habitually? Or does a queue dictate that you can’t pick and choose like us men?

Because this my friends, my urinating readers, is partly what a marketing blog is about.

By writing 300 – 2000 word online logs daily, weekly, monthly, you are making men and women choose your website to urinate on.

Okay not the best marketing analogy granted but I have a point.

If you provide content that is updated frequently, amuses, entertains, informs and provides answers, your urinal, your cubicle, your website will be picked in front of others who don’t provide that type of content.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

People don’t come to websites just to buy, they browse, they read and take signals from your offerings.

Your website needs to make them come back to read more.

Your social media accounts need to drive traffic to the website so people can have a wee there.

So how?

It boils down to the one thing I mentioned above:


Your customers, cross-legged (urine metaphor well and truly exhausted) want answers and they expect your website to provide relief (last one).

Your content marketing strategy, your marketing blog strategy, needs to give those answers clearly, concisely, to keep your customers regular, as in regular visitors.

Those who find answers will come back for more, share your answers and you can then pee all over the opposition.

That’s what a marketing blog is about.

Contact me if you’d like help starting one, whatever field of business you’re in.

I’ve already increased web traffic and sales for one happy customer.

I’m now your public convenience for a marketing blog.