Companies have at last latched on to the value of a blogging, or content marketing, strategy.

Visit 10 websites at random, go on, of various small businesses and count how many have a news or blog tab. There may not be 10 but there will be a few, I guarantee, because blogging is a great way of getting website traffic and increasing sales.

If you’re cynical, like I am, you may say, “Stuart you would say that, you’re a writer, you’re not going to say it’s a waste of time and money.”


Fair points.

But I’d argue with that assertion.

You see a good blogging strategy is a way of providing answers, information to customers asking questions and searching.

If a removal company in, say, Sheffield invests in a blogging strategy, they’re not only pushing themselves up search engine rankings organically (ie, without PPC and Google Ads) but also providing fresh material to share on social media and give answers to questions.

Let me ask you this.

Would you do business with someone who provides solutions, shows themselves to be actively engaging in sharing news, and connecting on social media, or someone who’s website ranks well, but one that does little to “pay back”?

Rhetorical question I know – you and I would pick the helpful, engaging, connecting company, wouldn’t we?


Now apply to this to your website.

A weekly, fortnightly or monthly blog post, drives traffic to your website where you can capture data with email pop ups, give away free e-guides and downloads and keep those readers coming back for more.

When they go to make a major purchasing decision – television, new dentures, a holiday, a new car, a new home – they are subliminally more likely to pick you because you’ve provided value to them with engaging, informative content.

Blogs lead to sales.

It’s not an overnight success, it won’t take a month, it will take longer probably, but like that tortoise chasing the arrogant hare, with perseverance and strategic long term thinking, you will see sales increase.

When I look back at the genesis of this company, I am painfully aware of 50 reads of first posts and no sales from them.

I persevered though with a blogging strategy, as I read online that most freelance writing companies collapse in the first year.

Now though, this brand is becoming established, I think I’m known online as a copywriter as I’m so active on social media, particularly LinkedIn, I get far more views, lots of writing assignments so much so that I’ve built Property Blogs with my 321 Websites‘ business partner, Paul, to showcase content marketing for the wider property industry.

Now I didn’t expect Property Blogs to have any immediate impact – but it has – the posts on there have had thousands of reads in just a month – and three writing contracts have been agreed.

Now where will Property Blogs, 321 Websites and Man Stress (which I edit and contribute to) be in a year’s time with active blogging and social media promotion?

Showing well on Google and making money.

If your website is snoozing, kickstart it with a content marketing strategy and let me inject some pizazz into your marketing strategy.

Contact me today.