Copywriting, blogging or sharing stories; informing, entertaining, prompting and challenging is one major factor that could make or break your business.

In grand terms, it’s called content marketing.

Which means providing content that is not sell, sell, sell, but help, help, help and which people read and feel compelled to share.

Share triggers – built into your blog post as icons at the end – or within Calls to Action in the post, means your content gets seen by more, leading Google to give you a virtual pat on the back or high five and push you from invisibility on search up through Page Rankings.

There’s no silver bullet for SEO or SMO but copywriting, in terms of your website content, and regular blogs, will make an impact.

It’s what I do at Get Pro Copy Ltd.

Google rewards fresh content and here’s how you can do it.

Let me expand – like my waistline does daily.

Producing and providing great blogging content is a 33% operation, or one third, if you’re old skool.

66% is promotion, or two thirds.

Think about an extended blog – spend a week crafting it and 2 weeks sharing it on social media, Quora, StumbleUpon etc, What’s App and messaging to get your content clicked and shared.

Blog posts need compelling titles, a minimum word length of 300 words and calls to action, inbound and outbound links woven throughout the copy, with those pesky CTAs.

You will notice many of the 107 websites I’ve designed have blog posts as a tab.

This is deliberate.

A blogging tab, fed weekly or monthly, marks you out as different to your rivals and people love reading great content and hearing stories, though not being sold to.

My own website has such a menu and you can rest assured that this is not aesthetic frippery but an integral part of my SEO and SMO strategy.

I can do the same for you – build that Blog tab, add posts, dependent on packages you choose and let you take over, or you can pay us to do it.

Open and transparent – my web design packages are here and my copywriting charges are also clear.

So why is a blog post such a great idea?

Here’s 10 reasons:

  1. Cost-effective: with a single one-off SEO researched post starting at £50, you can generate clicks and enquiries with a well-worded blog post.
  2. Quick: a weekly post doesn’t require hours of expended time. Click Add New Post on your dashboard, write the content and publish and share.
  3. Thought leadership: a blog post differentiates you from your rivals, showing that you know your onions and when someone comes to buy, the chances are they’ll pick you.
  4. Loveable: people do business with people they like and if your blogging strategy is informative and warm, with a real voice behind it, you will become liked and hopefully loved.
  5. SEO: Google loves fresh content and a weekly blog post is one of the best ways to climb those Larry Page Rankings organically.
  6. SMO: good blog posts, shared on your Social Media platforms, can generate other likes and shares and direct customers to your website.
  7. Bounce rate: the time people spend on your site before bouncing off. Regular blogging encourages repeat visits and new visits and keeps these potential customers on there for longer.
  8. Dynamic: once a website is built, the initial dynamism of people looking can quickly fade. Repeated blog posts makes your website appear refreshing, on a weekly basis.
  9. Multi-functional: a blog post can also be copied into printed documents like newsletters, brochures or email campaigns. That initial  spend could reach hundreds or thousands of readers.
  10. Brand voice: a great blog can be crafted in the tone and register you want for your brand, increasing your authority as a leading company.

Keen to know more about how Google rewards fresh content?

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