In 1996, Bill Gates said “Content is king.”
He was right.

We are in a world now where consumers won’t often look through adverts and newspapers but head straight for Google looking for valuable content. Instead of picking up a phone and getting the lowdown from sales, they’ll often read a website for information.

We’re all skilled at skipping adverts – whether they’re on TV by fast forwarding or on the internet by disabling pop-ups – so content marketing is a way of engaging customers, by educating, delighting and being generally useful. It is a pull not a push strategy.

So, with changing consumer habits, the content of your website must:

  1. Increase visibility.
  2. Encourage backlinks for SEO, and social shares.
  3. Optimise the website for long tail keywords that are harder to target through the website’s static pages.
  4. Generate new customers, or clients, or whatever your end goal is.

In a nutshell, it’s providing powerful content for your target audience which will make your business stand out.

You could be starting a business online, with carefully planned and executed website marketing or relaunching or improving your brand, services and products – but make no mistake, either way, content is king, the content writing is paramount.

All the big businesses are at it, including the online behemoths, not selling just products and services but excellent content – customer reviews, expert reviews, backlinks to other sites, inbound links – yes they’re all there.

When you make your decision who are you more likely to place an order with? The ones with the rich content.

It’s the same everywhere – your business strategy must focus on content marketing.

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