So, reading today in the Sunday Times, that 2016’s most pre-ordered books on Amazon UK are invariably focused on the same content.

One of the books is Star Wars based, but the rest are all about the zeitgeist of this year and next: Healthy Eating and Lifestyles.

The D word: dieting is taboo apparently and on the Slimming World website, the word never appears – neither do cookies! Both of which surprised me.

Instead, diets are called a rather PC and pretentious: “eating plans”.

The news states too that the number of overweight people has apparently tripled in Britain over recent years – dieting apparently does not work and is now confined to the dustbin – along with the takeaway cartons.

It’s about eating wisely now – beer, cheese and chocolate are even allowed – to give the stomach a healthy gut diversity. This has to be coupled with exercise too.

Exercise, in my opinion, is the missing factor in my own and my family’s life.

I recall Christmas days as a child where the streets were full of children playing out on bikes, with footballs, new toys. You look out now on Christmas day and there’s a post-apocalyptic desolation. Same every day: most children are taxied to school, picked up and cocooned til bedtime in their homes. We played out as children, until we were called inside.

Inevitable really with the internet, but I can’t help feeling we’ve lost something as a society.

Do you agree?

Back to the opening now: the books. Everyone is at it, writing content for ebooks and hardbacks: even Bear Grylls.  What will inevitably follow will be intensive content marketing of this on trend lifestyle theme: YouTube channels, news articles, social media targetting and the like.

And we as a family will resolve to be more active.

I’ll try and climb on this runaway horse, of Healthy Eating, merrily creating relevant content whilst chewing a kumquat or sipping a beer.