I’ve looked today, as I normally do daily, online, at property. You know the ritual if you’re an estate agent?

Looked too again at blogging strategies.

First ritual: checking Rightmove and Zoopla to see what’s been added in the last 24 hours within a set radius of my postcode.

I do it religiously and I’m an atheist and no longer an estate agent.

Second ritual: what’s new in property news and who’s spotting this, curating content from it and using it as a blogging strategy.


My home page flags me proudly, however, as a property writer, a blogging specialist on real estate.

Property writing is my specialism, my niche, my main area of expertise in copywriting and blogging.

I check the portals daily and I also nose around the individual websites of agents, both local and less local to me.

I like reading their news posts, their articles, their blog posts. I learn things and can see as a property owner and content marketer the investment companies are making.

Now this may surprise you – Purplebricks doesn’t appear to have a blogging strategy. It pours millions into other forms of marketing, like PPC and multimedia advertising to saturate the public psyche with their model. But no blogging, oddly.

Now this is not an exercise in sycophancy towards either Russell Quirk or Adam Day (CEOs of emoov and Hatched) – but they have a blogging strategy, which feeds Google, attracts vendors and buyers to their website and can then be spoon-fed through their comprehensive social media platforms.

Their approach is more organic.

They are both updated regularly too.

Google and customers alike can get irritated by a poor, tired or out of date blogging platform. To me there is little worse than a blogging or news tab updated two years ago, with a last tweet 8 months ago. It smacks of laziness and complacency.

Hatched tend to publish monthly, but emoov go for the blogging jugular with almost daily, current, engaging posts from Andrea Boland and James Lockett.

Now let’s zoom in, metaphorically, to blogging in Norfolk.

I know of one estate agency in Norwich that employs Josh Cousens to write for them and manage social media expertly at AbbotFox.

Hunters and Websters do blogging too, though one was last updated in June 2016, the other in 2015.

Savills and Arnolds Keys each provides a monthly blog, Northwood UK too.

Others, from the 40 estate agents, have a scattergun blogging strategy or none whatsoever.

Does it matter?

I think so.

You may think I’ve a vested interest in this – and you’d be right too!

But there is a steely logic in adopting a monthly, weekly, daily blogging strategy which costs very little to your company, but keeps me fed.

So here’s the logic:

If a potential home seller wants to sell their home in Norwich, Grimsby, Broadstairs, St Ives, they may simply plump for:

  1. The one they like (we do business with people we like)
  2. The one they trust
  3. The one they hear good things of
  4. The one with lots of For Sale boards locally (the silent salesman)
  5. The one they’ve used before
  6. The one whose leaflet was dropped through their door
  7. The one with transparent costs
  8. The one with low costs
  9. The one who they see on TV
  10. The one they see in the local free paper

Or s/he may pick the one who appears on page one of Google in a search for “estate agents in Norwich”, “estate agents in Grimsby” or “Broadstairs estate agents.”

Your company, your estate agency needs to be liked, trusted and respected but also have a great online presence on Google page one.

It’s all about the blogging, with:

  • Fresh content.
  • News updates.
  • Useful information.
  • Up-to-date and evergreen content.

You, as an estate agency, a letting agency, a property investment company, are probably too busy with your own workloads to have capacity to implement and manage a content marketing strategy.

You don’t have to though – you let me do that content marketing and blogging for you at a much more affordable cost than paying a full time member of your agency.

You outsource it to me.

I ghostwrite and create email copywriting campaigns for 7 companies now and all are delighted with the cost effectiveness of the blogging strategy I lead for them.

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