Ambitious blog post title eh? How to make everything awesome in content marketing. Am I going to fall on my sword? Read on:

Usual bit of content tilt though from me to get this jogging along.

Last night, I was summoned to the playroom (misnomer really) to connect the PS3 (old skool) to the TV, only to realise after finding HDMI cables and controllers that there was no power lead.

I looked everywhere for it, but after an hour of what seemed harder work than say a Spinning Class, I abandoned the search and replaced the antique PS3 with a Blu Ray player from another room.

Good job really I’m not Nemo’s dad or that would have been a very short animation, with me in it.

I spotted though a DVD that I’d not watched for a while: The Lego Movie.

If you’ve seen it, I hope you’ll agree it’s a classic.

If you haven’t, you really should.

From a blogging and content marketing perspective, surely it’s without parallel. It is an awesome film.

Create a movie about Lego which markets Lego and makes Lego uber cool (I knew it was already).

Emmet the anti-hero, is a normal rule-following mini-figure who, in a case of mistaken identity, becomes entwined in an epic quest, using his skill sets as a Master Builder.

The Lego franchise is adept at building an online community and the film should serve as a content marketing strategy, sans pareil.

Its profile strapline on Twitter is clever too:

“The greatest movie ever assembled. Out now on Blu-ray & DVD and also available for digital download!”

and despite the account being formed almost 3 years ago, it still tweets, not as regularly agreed, but it continues to satisfy followers and curate content.

Despite being a global brand, with arguably less need for intensive marketing, it is still feeding its Facebook likers, who number over 2 million!

Its Google Plus page, which many businesses unfortunately ignore, has had 6 million views.

Now I know it helps that The Lego Movie itself is a superbly assembled film.

But if business is about profit, The Lego Movie has it nailed: it covered its production costs of $60 million in its first weekend alone and has amassed $470 million globally in total.

We can’t all be Lego Movies of course but if you want to be successful in business, you have to have the right brand, epic content and the social media leverage to get you noticed.

You and I could do well to remember its catchy chorus: “Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team” and Emmet’s unfailing smiling decency as its leader.

Now that Be Like Bill fad seems to have gone, perhaps we now need a Be Like Emmet #trendingtopic.

Build your business one brick at a time, and when it’s built and successful, keep adding to it, to remain awesome.