Meet Stuart Walton, freelance writer and copywriter, here listing 25 things I can do for your business. Read on.

  1. Craft blog posts and email copywriting. These will be industry relevant, ghostwritten and unique (i.e., I don’t plagiarise or recycle posts you pay me for – you own the content).
  2. Feed SEO. Titles, headlines, alt tags, keywords and featured images for blog posts will be researched before drafting to create content that will impact on search engine rankings.
  3. Create a Twitter business page.
  4. Manage your Twitter feed, responding to mentions, likes and retweets during the day.
  5. Create evergreen tweets. You want 50 tweets that are industry relevant, with hashtags, URLs in a spreadsheet, I’ll do that.
  6. Create a Facebook page. Let me create your page. Cover photo, suitable URL, impressum, the About section, your contact details, reviews, I’ll set all up.
  7. Manage Facebook. If you have one already, let me manage with you as admin, feeding it with content and engaging your customers, maximising likes and reach.
  8. Create a Pinterest account. I can create an account and series of Pin Boards with SEO crafted strategic pins to drive traffic to your website.
  9. Manage Pinterest. I can manage yours if you’re time poor.
  10. Instagram. I can give you strategies or create one or revamp yours, researching others to follow and creating trust in your company and brand.
  11. Google Plus pages. Seen now, in the UK at least, as a bit of an afterthought. Don’t let it be. I can create yours, get your company verified and feed the G+ with great content.
  12. LinkedIn. The corporate B2B marketplace – are you on this platform? Do you and your business use LinkedIn to its full potential? Have you set up company pages, joined groups and increased networking opportunity via LinkedIn? Or have you, like so many tell me, forgotten your log in? I can help you as a skilled LinkedIn user.
  13. YouTube. Want help with the scripting of videos for you to upload and feed Google? I can do that, as Onion Sam said repeatedly, in Louis Sachar’s “Holes”.
  14. Printed materials. Let me check wording on existing ones, improve, or create them, whether that’s press releases, newsletters, banners or flyers. Direct mail is important.
  15. Website information. You want web content creating or improving? You ask me.
  16. About. Arguably the most visited part of a website – well it is on mine. How does your About section stack up? Let me help here.
  17. FAQs. We’re in a world where answers can be found about most things via Google search. When people land on your business web page though they want answers on there. Let me craft some FAQs so you are freed up from answering them repeatedly.
  18. Property listings. Short of time? Need property particulars improving in terms of written content? Outsource them to me.
  19. Marketing communications. You want that business direct mail to be read not binned, that email to be opened not trashed. Let me word them for you.
  20. Headlines. A post is said to live or die by its headline. Let me sort your headlines out using my experience and knowledge. “How to move up, not sideways, in crabby Cromer” is my most viewed LinkedIn post. Why?  Was it because it’s about Cromer, or its content, the images or the headline that made it my best performing? The headline meant it got clicked. The content meant it got shared.
  21. Proof. Prove it you might say – prove you can make things happen with words. Here you go: read this. My words for that business worked.
  22. Proofread. Don’t make spelling and grammatical errors in your posts, your emails, your marketing materials – send them to me and I’ll check any for a portion of my hourly rate. That might be £5 or £20 but it could save you a fortune in printing costs and damaged credibility.
  23. Area Guides. Businesses are latching on to the fact that information drives customers to buy. It’s called content marketing or inbound marketing. John Lewis and Amazon have mastered this, in terms of product information, product reviews and owner reviews. I can write Area Guides for your business, whether that’s letting, selling houses, promoting holiday lets, businesses in an area. Thus far, I’ve ghostwritten many. Ask me if you want to hear examples.
  24. Estate agency. It’s a passion and a niche of mine – click here for how I can improve yours.
  25. Trust me. Finally you can trust me to deliver on time, every time, or you get your money back. You want to know more or chat, don’t hesitate to get in touch.