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Web design is something I do well at Get Pro Copy Ltd. With hundreds of satisfied clients, you can trust this freelance web designer.

What does website hosting cost UK?

What does website hosting cost UK? You must have hosting if you have a website. Put simply, hosting is a service you pay for to put your domain name online. You can't pay £4.99 for a name and expect it to magically appear online. It won't - without hosting. Firstly, you need to purchase a

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Why Domain Authority matters for SEO

What is Domain Authority? Growing up with parents born in the 40s I always visualised a DA as a Duck's Arse, a 50s style of haircut, but as I've developed into a web designer I now know a more lucrative meaning: DOMAIN AUTHORITY. Put simply, the DA is the score search engines award to your

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Could this Norfolk web designer move to London?

Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, where we’ve lived now for 12 years, is remote.  Anyone arriving in Norfolk at say King’s Lynn might be lulled into thinking “we’ve arrived” when really it’s possibly a further 90 minutes to drive. I like the remoteness now though. I like the distinct geographical separation it’s engendered from my past;

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5 things I’d like to change about the web design industry

5 things I'd like to change about the web design industry? PRICING. Why do some web designers and web developers levy eye-watering prices? A brochure website should not cost thousands. If you're being asked for the price of a luxury holiday, look elsewhere. DECEPTION. Businesses exist to make money, I know that. But the industry,

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Don’t get too hung up on the bloody logo!

I genuinely love what I do: web design, copywriting and digital marketing.  There is one part of that triad though that turns me to despair: the logo. Don't get me wrong; some clients are very easy going and are happy with a first or second version, but, no word of a lie, I've refunded two

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Naming a web design company – a guide

Naming a web design company is not an easy task at all. I know when I set up Get Pro Copy in November 2015, I spent a month scratching my head and asking people for suggestions. It was made doubly odd back then that the fledgling business was purely focused on copywriting. Pro Copy wasn't

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Why a website is absolutely necessary in 2020

Ok let's get the naysayers out of the way now with that title - "you would say it's necessary, wouldn't you, as a freelance web designer?" Fair cop. I will add a warning though - if you think splashing £650 to £2000 on a website, will have you reaching for cigars and smoking jacket, think

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Will Coronavirus and lockdown lead to recession?

I'm a dab hand at working from home I know, I know. When I first embarked on the road with freelance writing and marketing, it felt distinctly lonely. I'd had 27 years of banter in a classroom and staffroom with staff and students, and to be home alone was initially disconcerting. Not any more though.

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Primark, a digital warning to us all?

Primark went from £650 million (profits or sales, I don't know) in one month to zero in the next. Ok a global pandemic and lockdown was not something their bosses anticipated but what shocked me more than their 20p an hour exploitation of workers was the Primark website here. It is responsive, attractive, fast to

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10 things to do if you want to make WFH permanent

I'll start by stating the bleeding obvious - I'm a freelance copywriter and web designer who has a vested interest in persuading you to Work From Home or WFH permanently.  Covid 19 and WFH Constantly, I see two extremes in this Covid 19 time. There's those who hate lockdown, being furloughed or skint, which I

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Working from home effectively, away from bosses

I've read some right BS this week on LinkedIn as per usual. Those micromanaging bellends who have parking spots with their name and status on giving it large about working from home. They know that they can't utter "Have you got a minute?" to keep the office, school, business in fear and have had to

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Hick’s law and how it applies to web design

Jam and soup everywhere You know the moment when you walk into a supermarket intending to buy some soup? You're bewildered by the range of fresh soups in the refrigerator aisle and the tinned ones in the soup aisle. You maybe want jam and can see 40 different jam jars of different makes and flavours.

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Do you own page one of Google for your name?

Page one Google dreams We all dream of being at the top of page one of Google for lucrative search terms but it's not an easy task to achieve at all. Firstly, you've got to find the search volumes (if they're labelled as 10 per month, don't bother), work out whether competition is high, medium

Return of the Mac – even in Storm Ciara weather.

Impulsively, a few weeks ago, I decided to fill a void in my Apple virtual life with the purchase of a MacBook Pro 16. I didn’t enter Norwich with the intention of looking at one, let alone buying one, but a banner - damn you print marketing - caught my eye stating Interest Free Credit

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The best places I’ve lived in 54 years of life

I was born in Thorne, a small market / mining town near Doncaster in 1965 and lived there until going to do my degree in 1983. Off to Sunderland. Now that was not a great place to live. Don't get me wrong - the course and social life was great but after 3 years of

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Pay monthly websites that suit your budget

Pay monthly websites are something I offer. Why? Because very few people can walk into a car dealership and pay for a new car outright. Same with houses. We pay for them over 25 years (16 in my case as 70 is the maximum mortgageable age). Ergo smartphones. We think "£70 a month for 2

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How much does it cost to build a website in the UK?

How much does it cost to build a website in the UK? How much does it cost to build a website in the UK is not straightforward to answer. The whole process of costing a website is confusing and in this (long) guide, I intend to explain what a website should cost from domain purchase

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Which social media channel makes me the most gwop?

Street alert again - gwop - too much listening to D Block Europe, Stormzy and Aitch, when I should be tapping my feet to something more becoming of a 54 year old man, on the cusp of retirement. I’ve never ever acted my age though and doubt I ever will. Old man clothes and music

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5 ways to save money when setting up a new website

5 ways to save money when setting up a new website My social media banners highlight one prominent statement - "Web design without the agency prices." Check it out on LinkedIn. This then forms the first way: 1. Find a freelancer Firstly, a freelancer in any field will be more affordable than an agency. We

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What’s the big deal about Mobile First?

Oh the heady days of 2012 - when Carly Rae Jepsen Called Me Maybe or Gotye was Somebody I Used to Know? It was the year I started a new job, at 47, thinking it would be my final place of work before retiring from education - I was right. Just not about the date.

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How Much Does it Cost to Redesign a Site?

We all get older, we all age, as humans. Our digital businesses are no different - they age. I remember vividly the pride I felt when I got my first brand new car - a K reg diesel Ford Fiesta in 1996 and thinking I was a big time Charlie as it had a rear

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Copywriter earns well, dressed like a chav

How to make money as a copywriter dressed like a chav The grey tracksuited, puffer jacket wearing great unwashed rolling fags, eating badly, taking drugs and drinking too much: the chav. I'm a chav copywriter. I think. A roadman or wordman? Funnily enough, I fit into most of these categories - or used to.  I

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1460 days since I started this business – or 4 years

Quite a milestone today in that this business, Get Pro Copy Ltd, turns 4 Its genesis came about at a low point in my personal and professional life, when it became obvious that I had to find something new to do to save my sanity, and writing was the plan. I've always loved writing From

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This Norwich web design freelancer is on show soon

On 5th November, Guido Walton, a Norwich web design freelancer, is giving a five minute talk and taking part in a seminar in Norwich on copywriting and blogging. To be honest, I'm quite flattered and excited about the event. I taught English from 1987 to 2014 and presenting was part of my DNA. Though I

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Get Pro Copy has had an autumnal makeover

This website is overdue a total makeover. It started off almost four years ago as a simple brochure site of 4 pages to showcase my copywriting services and it's since gone off on more tangents than a parliamentary Brexit debate (in a similar time span) Keep it fresh You see design and branding should never

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Web designer Great Yarmouth is staying put

We recently had an impulsive (and rash) idea to sell the family home here in Bradwell, Great Yarmouth. This web designer Great Yarmouth had itchy feet, again. Our son has left home and we feel the house is no longer the same, since he went (or was sent) to university. Our heads had been turned

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This freelance web designer Norfolk is 4 years old

My business, this freelance web designer Norfolk business, is 4 years old in a few days. It seems opportune to blog about it in some happy birthday celebratory way. Technically, though, in a spirit of openness and honesty, it's a landmark for how it has evolved. You see, when I was given the career equivalent

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5 ways to make a success of being self-employed

I used to search for this very term, 4 years ago: 5 ways to make a success of being self-employed. I used to post statuses on social media asking the titular question, until I got repeated contact to sell cordial at £20 a bottle from Forever Living or something like that. Forever pestering, more like.

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Son leaves for Cardiff and how we feel

Cardiff awaits this weekend with the loss of our son. I’ve always been a hands on dad, in the best possible way. Bringing up the two children in partnership with my wife. There’s no state of tiredness as overwhelming as being a new parent. I remember it well, even though it’s 18 years since James

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Online shopping continues to grow in the UK.

I manage other companies social media so I'm always like a ferret down a rabbit hole. I sniff out relevant engaging news daily. This week I read about the inexorable rise in online shopping in the UK and Europe, with only China and the USA bucking the trend. It's been clear for a while now

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Yesterday, Gorleston high street seemed so far away.

Gorleston, Gorleston-on-Sea, is a place we’ve now lived in for 11 years and quite frankly loved living in. It’s a town that’s changed beyond recognition from when we first upped sticks. We moved initially to Jenner Road, on the Paget Estate. This was followed by a long stint on Elmgrove Road, with so many architecturally

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The new iPad Pro 12.9 – a web designer’s dream

I know I was fixated with Apple and tried, with counselling and support, to wean myself off this expensive habit, but it sucked me back in. That pesky iOS, suitable for a 3 year old or 93 year old, in its simplicity, made me return as an Apple sheep again. Quick recap - when the

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WordPress web design Norwich – a no brainer.

Why should you use Wordpress web design Norwich and elsewhere? I'm not religious at all, not a zealot, but I do try to convert people all the time - firstly into using Wordpress web design Norwich and, much to the chagrin (coughs up dictionary) of web developers and agencies locally, convince people to work closely

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Affordable web design Great Yarmouth – where?

Are you looking for affordable web design Great Yarmouth - if so, this freelancer can help. If I drive 3 miles down the A143, the congested route of Beccles Road, or the A47 (formerly A11, renamed to make us think we'd got a new dual carriageway?), I arrive in Great Yarmouth. It's a funny place,

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Does greed kill Norwich web design agencies?

I don't gloat when I see a web design agency locally or further afield go under, or cease trading. Far from it, I've been there myself in education - when I was metaphorically thrown under a bus - but that trauma is the past, a foreign country, it has become. When I heard that a

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Am I on holiday in Norfolk, still?

We say it every time we travel down the Acle Straight, towards home, which was Gorleston until 3 years ago, and now Bradwell, a suburb of Great Yarmouth. Not the eponymous "Are we there yet?" but does it still feel like we're on holiday here? Last weekend, heading back from Norwich  the question, usually habitual, wasn't raised. Bet

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Apple to Android and back again

I'm a fickle, feckless spender of earnings and having defected from the walled garden of Apple before Christmas to Android and a snazzy Note 9, this week I knocked on the orchard door and asked to be let back in - wearing the metaphorical sackcloth and ashes. Now don't get me wrong, the Note 9

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LinkedIn – the best place to promote your services

I'll start with a fairly obvious opening gambit - if anyone on LinkedIn sends me a connection request, followed within nanoseconds by a sales pitch, I turn all Shania Twain. If someone sends a follow up to the message Ive acknowledged with a thanks but no thanks, Shania Twain morphs into Joe Pesci and they

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Web design courses Norwich from this ex teacher?

Should I start offering web design courses Norwich? Read on. When I was at school, apart from English Literature, the curriculum seemed utterly pointless. The cookery teacher made Gordon Ramsay look a model of patience, maths consisted of repetitive drills, history was about roads and canals, geography was colouring in - still is apparently. Obviously

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Is Norwich city centre recession-proof?

Apart from Thorne, Doncaster, a place I spent 18 years in from birth to university, I've never remained anywhere as long as we've stayed in Norwich, Norfolk. I've had a few bad experiences here, in the recent past, in education, but even that, with hindsight, was a massive favour. I had fallen out of love

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I hate meetings but love meeting in Norwich

Today, someone asked me to meet in Norwich and as I'd intended to meet someone anyway, my diary shouted "Go."  Normally, client meetings irritate as the time spent over coffee could be spent on actually designing, writing and marketing. I'm not anti-social but have been mightily fed up in the past when a 60 mile

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Starting a business is exciting – avoid partnerships at all costs though

Starting any business, particularly after paid employment, can be incredibly exciting and daunting, at the same time. You’ve got the fear of leaving the known for the unknown; leaving a salary to risk all on a business idea. We’ve been there ourselves. It’s not an easy decision to make. You will probably lie awake at

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Why isn’t there an Escape to the City?

I used to like watching property programmes - along with the rest of the population - back in the day. Occasionally, channel surfing, I'll pause still on "Grand Designs", "Homes under the Hammer" and "Escape to the Country" and watch for 10 or 15 minutes. I don't often linger as I saw most on first

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Woodland walks close to my Norfolk home

When my nose isn't pressed firmly to the grindstone of work, which it tends to be nowadays, I often have a 60 minute to 90 minute daily sabbatical of a dog walk with the most recent addition to the family, a rescue border collie, who is delightful. Working from home is wonderful, but when I

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Are you exploiting the millions of zombies?

I am a zombie. My daughter is, my wife and son less so. We are the living dead. Walking round with fixed stares. Stares set on screens - living life through a lens, vicariously, whatever you want to call it. Not alone though as most of the population seem glued to smartphones and the internet.

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How to get found on Google in Great Yarmouth and Gorleston?

There's riches in niches, clearly, and I'll grab a knife, carve that humble pie and eat a slice now, because, I admit to being wrong. There. Said it. A native of Yorkshire admitting fallibility is unheard of. But I'm wrong. You see, in my aim for SEO dominance with this venture, I went for low

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Are you actively pursuing 5 star Google reviews?

I'm of an age when I remember the thud of Yellow Pages and the BT phonebook landing though letterboxes, the free newspaper (which I carry now from the welcome mat to recycling as it lands) and the days of buying newspapers, which seems so arcane, that I actually pinch and zoom when I stumble upon

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Great Yarmouth, a town I live in

Seaside towns have a bad reputation: think Blackpool, Bridlington, Rhyl, Great Yarmouth, Hastings. Seasonal tourism, low paid jobs and a poor transport infrastructure, generally. We moved to Gorleston, a major town, south of Great Yarmouth, 11 years ago and have since moved to Bradwell, a generally modern suburb, and I feel like it's home now.

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2019 begins as 2018 ended – excellently.

Christmas this year was a bit of a damp squib as 12 year old daughter, Ruby, was forced to admit that she knew Santa was fictitious and she knew last year too. I became suspicious when I saw the letter to Santa had been replaced by a full Amazon basket, which irked as I'm weaning

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The literary heritage of Norwich and Norfolk

I don't claim to be a native of Norfolk at all. We moved here for careers in teaching and a coastal lifestyle 11 years ago and it's a good place to bring up children and live. The roads are antiquated and that warmth you get from conversations in the north is conspicuous by its absence,

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Should I use a freelancer or a web design agency Norwich?

There's no easy answer to this. No binary "yes use a freelancer" or "yes use a web design agency Norwich", assuming you're in Norwich and would like someone local to complete a revamp or a completely new website. A web design agency often will have more expertise and specialists within that agency - someone who

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This web design Norwich UK company is climbing

SEO. The 2018 equivalent of a box ad in Yellow Pages and one of the most prized ambitions of companies - featuring on Google Page One for a specific search term and failing that, pole position on page 2. Beyond page 2, it's a lost cause we are told. Getting on page one in private

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Printed business card or a digital one with a new website?

I have business cards wedged in wallets and drawers and occasionally use them, though I do feel ordering 1000 was a tad optimistic, given that they seem to me, at least, to be somewhat archaic. Given that we all carry smartphones in our daily lives, it's much quicker to add someone on Slack, or What's

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I would like more retainers after Christmas

Wouldn’t we all, you may be thinking, with my temerity of asking for more money. The thing is though that self-employment is feast or famine, boom or bust and other clichéd parallels, and you may mutter “cheeky sod” at my front. But bear with me. When I was in employment, I often observed of myself

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Social media selling – more than a modern Roy Walker catchphrase

Facets of growing up I remember fondly are my addiction and skill at Taito Space Invaders, the Sunday ritual of watching "Bullseye" and believe it or not, the enjoyment of "Family Fortunes" and "Catchphrase" before the internet existed, as there was little to do, on a council estate near Doncaster. Or anywhere else for that

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Five easy first steps to set up a website

The mystery, the mystique, the wonder and awe of watching a domain name become a website used to enthrall me. It still does in fact. Someone buys a domain name for £7.19 and within a week it’s a living, breathing digital presence. I used to think that was beyond me and the average person, but

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A website is only part of your business journey

That title may sound a bit odd, coming from this Norwich web designer and copywriter, even self-deprecatory to a point of self-defeating but it’s true. A website won’t make you any money. It won’t pay the bills, your mortgage, your car loan and feed you at all. Let me explain, before you assume I’ve lost

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Communicating with web design via What’s App – what a schoolboy error!

When I begin a web design project, I often ask "Do you use What's App" and 97% of the time, the answer is "yes I do." Good I think. That means files, photos and text can be ported quickly between myself and the client with me even having it minimised permanently on the iMac. It

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Landing pages – preaching to the converted

Some times less is more. Brevity in a message can speak louder than a scripted call to action. Same with websites. The problem is though that one page websites - those you land on, scroll through and feel compelled to act upon - can be financially onerous for a start up or small business. But

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What should your website home page include?

If you use Google Analytics for managing your own website, or tracking those you manage, you will recognise this scenario. The Home page records most visits, which you'd expect if it's linked to your business card, your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook bios, closely followed in 90% of cases by the About page. I've tinkered with

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Why you should work for free (sometimes)

I'm a big user of LinkedIn, where I enjoy the company of fellow cynics and often tut, frown or even comment on the sermons that are spouted there. Two in the past week have caught my eye: can you guess or do you not give a damn? I'll tell you anyway. The first is that

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You can pay monthly for phone contracts so why not your website?

Despite my prices being "affordable" I occasionally get asked if I'd accept a fixed monthly payment for a new or redesigned website, and I've thought about this and decided to trial it. All my Wordpress sites come with free hosting for Year One, with a nominal £30 being levied in Year 2 for the 12

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Durham or Norfolk? Seasons of mists and mellow flooriness.

Seasons of mists and mellow flooriness. I'll come clean - flooriness is not a word but to get some loose connection with Keats' "To Autumn" I had to bend rules. I used to despise autumn with a passion and there's still aspects of it that irk. Declining light levels, shorter evenings, until the lunar armageddon

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What is the most difficult part of web design?

Web design is skilful. It is at times a frustrating process, from initial set up of domain, to pointing nameservers, arranging hosting, to propagation to installing themes and plugins. Naively, I used to think it was about buying a domain, installing WordPress, buying a theme and oof the website is done. If only. It's a

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Aftercare and why it matters with web design

Aftercare- and why it matters with web design. I thought I'd explain how I operate and how some web designers behave, exemplifying what you get after your payment has been credited and your website shines bright like a diamond. On all devices. I back up your website daily within the WordPress dashboard with a nifty

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27 years in a classroom – time well spent.

Time is a great healer, they say and it's true. Time heals and gives perspective and sometimes when I think back over recent events, I get a little bit sad about what happened from 2013 onwards to my teaching career. But there's absolutely no need to be - because my time in teaching from 1987

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Can you run a web design business with just an iPad Pro?

I was debating for weeks whether to get a new MacBook Pro or an iPad Pro, because when we were holidaying in the north Pennines, work didn’t stop. It’s not because I didn’t want to turn off from writing, social media and web design, more that I’ve crafted a reputation for getting things done quickly

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It’s 2018, not 2008, so sort your website out.

10 years is a massive length of time in technology - remember 2008 was when everyone craved a BlackBerry for BBM and that QWERTY keyboard, before Apple killed it with the iPhone 3GS in 2009. Boris Johnson became Mayor of London and David Davis resigned in 2008 - so some things don't change. The internet

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At last, three new estate agency websites land and a cafe!

I've always been madly fixated with property. I bought my first house at 23 in Oldham and have made money from buying, selling, moving ever since. House prices may be unreachable for so many, but for me, investing £18,000 when on a salary of £8000 pa in 1988, it's been a nice little earner, that

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An expanding web design portfolio – to match my waist

I went solo at the beginning of May 2018, having been a partner in a web design company for a year to see if I could continue the success single-handedly. The jury has returned a verdict saying yes you managed it. The web count now stands at thirty in 3 months, which is 10 per

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Which social media channel should I use most to grow a business?

Which social media channel should I use most to grow a business? is a question I've never been asked but for the sake of giving this titular question some clout, I'll pretend I get asked it daily. 4 years ago when I set out with Get Pro Copy, I'd have said unequivocally "Facebook" followed by

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Why web design shouldn’t cost the GDP of a banana republic

I've always got axes to grind, and my latest of many is the absolute racketeering that goes on in the web design industry. And it is racketeering, trust me. There's skills involved yes and they take time to build yes. They can be a nightmare with glitches. Rogue plugins can mess up a site. But,

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Would you run a car for five years without a service?

Would you run a car for five years without a service? No. And yet SMEs, big businesses and sole traders run websites without getting them updated or serviced. But you shouldn't and here's why. Logging in to the WP Admin section of a website and clicking Dashboard to see 27 updates needed is like lifting

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What comes standard with websites I design?

COPY. All copy is included in the  web design. By all means, give me ideas, but let me whip the words into shape. HOSTING on fast cloud servers. Free in Year 1, £3 per month in year 2. SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION: I can add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest in headers, footers and calls

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Cheap website design for small business

Cheap website design for small business What a dangerous, foolish title - and the temerity of me pushing the word "cheap" to the front too. Cheap is associated with nasty, "cheap and nasty." The commonplace "cheap as chips". Or the slightly more charitable "cheap and cheerful". But there's a problem with this linguistic apartheid where

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“Lorem Ipsum” be gone – use a proper copywriter

Ah Lorem Ipsum, or Lorem Ipsum Dolor (I think) if I'm feeling expansive - the beige text place filler that says put text here and a sight that many web designers and clients sigh over when they see it. Lorem Ipsum needs replacing you see. And that causes navel gazing and head scratching, because trust

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Bog off with your silly WordPress web design prices

I had a superb May as a newbie to this website design malarkey and you can see the 11 I built on my About page, and feedback has been universally good. June has maintained the momentum and I'm working now on North of Winter - a tattoo studio site for a leading Manchester tattoo artist, Sam

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How much do I charge for web design in Norwich?

How much do you charge for web design in Norwich is a question sometimes posed to me by prospective clients and I used to estimate hours needed and charge accordingly. But I read an article today on LinkedIn that really resonated with me as someone is looking to climb ranks and make a name for web

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18 reasons why your business needs a website

#1 We've come a long way from 1991. That's the year when the first website went live - 27 years ago. Things have moved on greatly since then. John Major was the UK Prime Minister and Bryan Adams broke all music records with 16 weeks at the top of the charts. Some things haven't changed

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My war with bad broadband – or why you need Google WiFi

My war with bad broadband was beginning to irritate me. In a new build, with fibre optic cabling, speeds should be fast - they are now with Google WiFi. Watch more below.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0U8JoYJAAE&t=19s  

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Local property expert – do you want to become one?

The term Local Property Expert or LPEs have become synonymous with online estate agencies in recent years, mainly due to the fact that they’re local and have some insights into the property market locally, we're all led to believe. It’s a curious term, because the traditional high street estate agents with MNAE and RICs behind their

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Are you looking at page 14 for web design in Norwich?

We all want to be found on page one of Google, don't we, for our services and products? We all want that moment when someone searches for removal firms in Sheffield that you come up on page one. Assuming of course you're a removal company. And in Sheffield. Companies invest big money in SEO because

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East Norfolk property prices are soaring – and it worries me

Many industry professionals see rising house prices as a good thing and to be honest equity has been a nice little earner for me over the years. £13,000 profit pocketed on moves in the 80s and much much more in recent years, but I do think property prices are now out of control and brinking

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How Google WiFi is the pinnacle of functionality and design

My fibre optic broadband that we pay handsomely for each month has been getting me down. It won't allow rendering of images on various websites, takes an age to load LinkedIn (though that may be a good thing given the number of vainglorious egos on there) and is slow to update and back up websites

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Web design Norwich – from this fine literary city

Web design Norwich - from this fine literary city. Norwich proudly proclaims itself as a Fine City in its marketing literature and I cannot argue with that at all. It is a fine city - possibly the best city we've lived near ever. It has other claims to fame too (apart from Alan Partridge) as

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How long until I rank for freelance web designer Norwich

We celebrate 10 years in Norfolk soon. July to be precise. It might now be an appropriate time then to get some search engine traction for this new aspect of Get Pro Copy Ltd: since I evolved into a freelance web designer Norwich. Competition is stiff to be honest to be ranked up there, but

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Why I decided to update this website

"Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold." Ok. That's the pretentious opening quotation out of the way and now on to the meat of this post. I decided, as you do, when I was looking at the portfolio of websites I've designed, to give this one a belated makeover. Don't get me wrong. It functioned

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Manchester Tattoo Trust – designed by Get Pro Copy

I used to live in Manchester, well Oldham to be precise, from 1987 to 1996 and having taught English in Shaw, Failsworth and Farnworth for 9 years, I’ve always felt a great affinity for the area. Not so much the weather – but the people. I’d say that Lancashire folk are generally the friendliest people

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The one third – two third rule in marketing

If someone had said to me 10 years ago, write down your expertise on marketing and hand me the notes, it could have fitted on one side of a Post-It. Now I could easily fill three Post-It notes because I’ve learned through setting up a successful business (and failing with several others) that unless I

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