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Why coaching matters with digital marketing

I do think that I've developed my own social media channels for Get Pro Copy Ltd pretty well. All six are relatively active, with YouTube slumbering, whilst others are frantic with energy. I spend most time and energy on the ones that deliver results for me: LinkedIn, then Facebook, then Instagram. I pin blog posts

Which social media channel makes me the most gwop?

Street alert again - gwop - too much listening to D Block Europe, Stormzy and Aitch, when I should be tapping my feet to something more becoming of a 54 year old man, on the cusp of retirement. I’ve never ever acted my age though and doubt I ever will. Old man clothes and music

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Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?

Before I begin, let me just make it absolutely clear that this is not a question I get asked daily. It is not something that crops up when I’m waiting for a soya latte in Pret, or walking the dog. I don’t make apocryphal questions up to suit some blog post. But. When people actually

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Get Pro Copy has had an autumnal makeover

This website is overdue a total makeover. It started off almost four years ago as a simple brochure site of 4 pages to showcase my copywriting services and it's since gone off on more tangents than a parliamentary Brexit debate (in a similar time span) Keep it fresh You see design and branding should never

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Decent website but how are you driving traffic there?

Decent website but how are you driving traffic there? I design websites for clients. Done pretty well at it the last year too. 150 projects completed, with more stacked up, in line. I didn’t drive business though solely through this website or blogging prolifically. I’ve built a following, a big following on social media. LinkedIn

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People sell property with people they like

I work alongside a fair few estate agents and having been in the industry myself for a couple of years, I totally understand the holy grail of trying to acquire listings. If you operate a no sale no fee model, you have to get vendors selling homes and then hoping that they pick you and

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The Basics of Social Media Screening for Employers – a guest post

Social media is a modern-day phenomenon, allowing people to keep in touch with friends, family, coworkers, and even Internet strangers they’ve never met in person before, rather than requiring in-person, face-to-face communication. The number of people with at least one social media account in the United States has increased significantly each and every year. For example, not even

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How not to become a boring sod on LinkedIn

I’m not stupid. I came from a job with more rules and restrictions than North Korea. Education is divorced from the real world, operating in a petty set of rules that only apply to certain people lower down the food chain and not further up, where Teflon suits are worn daily. The hypocrisy and double

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Dear Estate Agent – are you time-poor?

£18,500, 1987, bought via an estate agent in Shaw. Yes: £18,500. Cost of my first home at the tender age of 22 in Oldham, Greater Manchester in 1987. It was cheap for a reason. My salary as a probationary English teacher was £8,137 or £425 a month which was decent back then, when the house

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Have Friday or Sunday seven days a week

I’m no fan of Morrissey to be honest, even though “This Charming Man” is a key song of my university soundtrack from the early 80s, but he is on to something with his “Every day is like Sunday” tune. I prefer an analogy to Friday to be honest. That’s what self-employment is like. Sunday (or

The biggest Labour swing since 1945 – no politics, just marketing

I often blur the distinction between professional neutrality and political affiliation – to the disgust and delight of friends and foes, but instead of talking Canterbury, Ipswich, Kensington and the Labour swing, let’s look at the General Election marketing. The Maybot went all out for PPC banners – interesting to hear yesterday on Radio 4

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Instagram is the best social media platform out there.

I’ve had an Instagram post going round my head for weeks now on the positive aspects of that platform, and I keep meaning to  write, edit and publish it, but get sidetracked Homer Simpson style by some gym, coffee or food activity, but now I deliver. 

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Worry about Twitter marketing no more. I will make you grow.

Worry about Twitter marketing no more. I will make you grow. If I had a pound or dollar or euro for every time someone has said to me I don’t get Twitter, I’d be a millionaire or more realistically have £25. Lots of shrewd social media savvy people just don’t get Twitter. Neither did I

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Social media marketing prices, how to grow online

Social Media Marketing Prices for Small Businesses? First let’s rewind to my childhood – which some would argue hasn’t ended yet: from when I was five in 1970 to ahem 2016. Yes I’ve had a tough paper round (it was teaching what did it). You remember that thud as Yellow Pages landed through the letterbox?

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What really is the best time to post on social media?

You may have noticed, if you use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest that your social media reach may be dwindling. Why? Have you considered the best time to post? If not, read on for an easy to follow guide of the best time to post on social media platforms.

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25 things I can do for your business

Meet Stuart Walton, freelance writer and copywriter, here listing 25 things I can do for your business. Read on.

How to emotionally connect with consumer psychology

I blogged yesterday about SEO and consumer psychology, with a promise of an article expanding on the ideas I’d outlined – so here goes.

Pinterest power strategies – how to create success

Pinterest is something I use regularly to divert traffic to my website and blog post. Here, I’ll give my tips for creating marketing success from Pinterest.

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