Why isn’t my business on page one of Google?

Why isn't my business on page one of Google? We all long to be on Google page one for the various search terms our business is optimised for. Someone is visiting a relative in hospital, they google "florists in Norwich", quick scan and they call or pop in there. They're unlikely to go to page

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Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?

Before I begin, let me just make it absolutely clear that this is not a question I get asked daily. It is not something that crops up when I’m waiting for a soya latte in Pret, or walking the dog. I don’t make apocryphal questions up to suit some blog post. But. When people actually

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Google Analytics and how it can help your business

Google Analytics should be on your website - and if it's not, sort it out please, so I can sleep easily. It's not a difficult process to set up and it's made even easier to track when you download the App from the App Store (or if you're poor, Google Play). The App is actually

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Dear Estate Agent – are you time-poor?

£18,500, 1987, bought via an estate agent in Shaw. Yes: £18,500. Cost of my first home at the tender age of 22 in Oldham, Greater Manchester in 1987. It was cheap for a reason. My salary as a probationary English teacher was £8,137 or £425 a month which was decent back then, when the house

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Web design and why Get Pro Copy has expanded.

This business began as a freelance writing service, a one-man band, busking street-side with words. Like all good things though, it’s grown and developed a life of its own. My intention, in November 2015, after I bid a final farewell to education, was to write. Not “War and Peace” but something more prosaic – write

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25 things I can do for your business

Meet Stuart Walton, freelance writer and copywriter, here listing 25 things I can do for your business. Read on.

What is Search Engine Optimisation? No shouting now!

IWent into Norwich today, emancipated, semi-retired, liberated and got into random conversations in various shops. Taken out of context, read here, they might sound like the ramblings of a social misfit, but no the conversations came round to social media and what is Search Engine Optimisation.

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Pinterest power strategies – how to create success

Pinterest is something I use regularly to divert traffic to my website and blog post. Here, I’ll give my tips for creating marketing success from Pinterest.

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