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Who should sell your property – your three choices

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I posted an article yesterday on Property Blogs, a sister site, about the pros and cons of the three ways of selling your property: traditional high street, hybrid or online and having used all three as a buyer and seller, and worked alongside many companies with content marketing, I feel qualified to comment.

I’ve been a homeowner since 1988, when my first home coast me £18,500 in Oldham and still am to this day.

So what do I think?

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Swap the mortar board for a hard hat with a housebuilding degree?

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I like to see forward thinking from companies and one story that caught my eye over the weekend was the news that Redrow were starting a dedicated degree in housebuilding.

Britain, you all know probably, is facing a housing and skills shortage and Theresa May’s annual target of 300,000 new homes is unlikely to materialise without some dramatic changes of plans.

Redrow has seized the opportunity it appears in creating a BSc in housebuilding, which I expand upon on my sister site, Property Blogs:


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The darling buds of Mrs May are dying?

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Remarkable watching the rerun of the speech of our glorious PM, Theresa May, yesterday, but instead of focusing on her coughing fit, that P45, Amber Rudd telling Boris Johnson to stand up or the falling letters, I’d like to steer clear of those four icebergs and touch upon what Mrs May said about housing.

Or rather didn’t say.

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The poor estate agent needs that Market Appraisal

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I’ve decided, given that my bottled water and posh grain free dog food is paid for largely by estate agent types, to produce a series of articles about them.

I’ll start with the rationale behind this.

I bought my first home in Oldham in 1988, in an area so rough that even dogs went round in twos, and have gradually self-gentrified with the heights being hit in a beautiful Edwardian villa in Norfolk, though now currently in a eponymous new build, straddling a new road, meant to ease congestion, which is defeated by building 1000 new homes along its narrow girth.

Property has always intrigued me – so much so that in 2014 when I was given the chance to go self-employed as a Sales Associate in a local estate agency, I grabbed it with both hands; then forming a partnership in Farrell Walton, before portal costs crushed us.

Enough of the stories though – let’s go to Part One: what is an estate agent?

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Rent time, no mortgage or ownership for you lot, ever

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I read today that paying rent is about to overtake home ownership as a percentage share.

Bit worrying really.

Property has generally been relied upon as. a decent sort of income with the equity you bag from the capital you borrowed from a benevolent bank.

But it seems now that the age of buying your first property in your 20s, 30s or whenever are over.

The great British home ownership dream is about to become just that – a dream, it would seem,

So who or what’s to blame?

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Dear Estate Agent – are you time-poor?

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£18,500, 1987, bought via an estate agent in Shaw.

Yes: £18,500.

Cost of my first home at the tender age of 22 in Oldham, Greater Manchester in 1987.

It was cheap for a reason.

My salary as a probationary English teacher was £8,137 or £425 a month which was decent back then, when the house cost slightly more than double my salary.

There were other reasons too.

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