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Radiator in the hall … check … or this property listing?

Fancy a room (or rooms) with a view? We can’t promise EM Forster’s Florence but this 4 bedroomed first floor maisonette in Wimbledon has a very pleasing outlook. The property is tucked amongst similar Victorian and Edwardian bay-windowed housing stock on Trinity Road, on the corner of Faraday Road. The property overlooks South Park and

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“Room” – not a Room with a View, except a skylight

Last night, I streamed the film "Room" on Amazon Prime. I'd intended to watch this at the cinema a few years ago but never got round to it. The basic premise is that Joy, the lead character was kidnapped at 17 and held captive in a "room" in a garden for 7 years, with her

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15 topics I’d like property developers to write about

Many major property developers have embraced the art of blogging on their websites and produce articles that are interesting, informative and engaging. I’ve read a hefty amount of material that does this ever so well, but there’s a few glaring omissions from some major players. As a devotee of new-builds and a serial homebuyer, I

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10 Downing Street – who did Cameron use to sell?

David Cameron left number 10 Downing Street today and handed over the keys to Theresa May in possibly the quickest exchange and completion ever – apart from pub ownership exchange in “Eastenders” or “Coronation Street.”

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Great Yarmouth – what is its oldest house?

In an idle moment, I began musing about old properties in this part of east Norfolk, knowing that Great Yarmouth has 1000 years of history, with the Minster (St Nicholas Church) being one of the most historic.

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Estate agency websites – 10 things you need to do

Estate agency websites are often neglected by their business owners, with many labouring under the misapprehension that as long as a property is on Rightmove or Zoopla, it will sell. As Bob Dylan croaked though, “The times, they are a changing.”

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