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Freelance web designer is the best job for this old timer

Freelance web designer and how I became one? Unusual word - freelance - don’t you agree? I can understand the free and the lance words, obviously, as separate entities, but collocate the two and you have an odd term: freelance. Free, I get.  Above all, you’re free from bosses, petty hierarchies and that addiction to

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Why Domain Authority matters for SEO

What is Domain Authority? Growing up with parents born in the 40s I always visualised a DA as a Duck's Arse, a 50s style of haircut, but as I've developed into a web designer I now know a more lucrative meaning: DOMAIN AUTHORITY. Put simply, the DA is the score search engines award to your

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A podcast with Zelda or the Legend that is Nik McEwan?

I connected with Nik a few years ago now on LinkedIn. He is a very charismatic character with a huge back story of mental illness. He does mammoth walks like from Portsmouth to Edinburgh, making Eddie Izzard look lazy and he's a legend with content creation for himself and others. Great chat with Nik -

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Why a website is absolutely necessary in 2020

Ok let's get the naysayers out of the way now with that title - "you would say it's necessary, wouldn't you, as a freelance web designer?" Fair cop. I will add a warning though - if you think splashing £650 to £2000 on a website, will have you reaching for cigars and smoking jacket, think

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10 things to do if you want to make WFH permanent

I'll start by stating the bleeding obvious - I'm a freelance copywriter and web designer who has a vested interest in persuading you to Work From Home or WFH permanently.  Covid 19 and WFH Constantly, I see two extremes in this Covid 19 time. There's those who hate lockdown, being furloughed or skint, which I

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In under a month, my teaching career ends officially

I've had more lives in teaching than a cat; I've risen like a Phoenix several times and made false starts to reinvent myself or return to teaching. But come 4th April, I hit 55 and a career that could have spanned 33 years comes to an end. For most of that period from 1987 to

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Hick’s law and how it applies to web design

Jam and soup everywhere You know the moment when you walk into a supermarket intending to buy some soup? You're bewildered by the range of fresh soups in the refrigerator aisle and the tinned ones in the soup aisle. You maybe want jam and can see 40 different jam jars of different makes and flavours.

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Looking to make a living from freelance? Diversify.

Riches in niches, blah de blah. Like any cliché, it holds water. You specialise in your products and services and you’ll make gains. Until that technology, that product becomes obsolete of course - like video rentals etc. If you go niche, you’ve more chance of standing out amongst rivals in that field. My advice though

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Repeat after me “I don’t do bosses”

Bosses are bellends Time to step over to the turntable of history and put on the old record "Bosses are bellends". Now clearly - not all of them. I've worked with some great people as my line managers in life - but 85% are probably bellends. It's partly why I left teaching as headteachers, the

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Pay monthly websites that suit your budget

Pay monthly websites are something I offer. Why? Because very few people can walk into a car dealership and pay for a new car outright. Same with houses. We pay for them over 25 years (16 in my case as 70 is the maximum mortgageable age). Ergo smartphones. We think "£70 a month for 2

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Why coaching matters with digital marketing

I do think that I've developed my own social media channels for Get Pro Copy Ltd pretty well. All six are relatively active, with YouTube slumbering, whilst others are frantic with energy. I spend most time and energy on the ones that deliver results for me: LinkedIn, then Facebook, then Instagram. I pin blog posts

Why isn’t my business on page one of Google?

Why isn't my business on page one of Google? We all long to be on Google page one for the various search terms our business is optimised for. Someone is visiting a relative in hospital, they google "florists in Norwich", quick scan and they call or pop in there. They're unlikely to go to page

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How much does it cost to build a website in the UK?

How much does it cost to build a website in the UK? How much does it cost to build a website in the UK is not straightforward to answer. The whole process of costing a website is confusing and in this (long) guide, I intend to explain what a website should cost from domain purchase

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Which social media channel makes me the most gwop?

Street alert again - gwop - too much listening to D Block Europe, Stormzy and Aitch, when I should be tapping my feet to something more becoming of a 54 year old man, on the cusp of retirement. I’ve never ever acted my age though and doubt I ever will. Old man clothes and music

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What’s the big deal about Mobile First?

Oh the heady days of 2012 - when Carly Rae Jepsen Called Me Maybe or Gotye was Somebody I Used to Know? It was the year I started a new job, at 47, thinking it would be my final place of work before retiring from education - I was right. Just not about the date.

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Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?

Before I begin, let me just make it absolutely clear that this is not a question I get asked daily. It is not something that crops up when I’m waiting for a soya latte in Pret, or walking the dog. I don’t make apocryphal questions up to suit some blog post. But. When people actually

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How Much Does it Cost to Redesign a Site?

We all get older, we all age, as humans. Our digital businesses are no different - they age. I remember vividly the pride I felt when I got my first brand new car - a K reg diesel Ford Fiesta in 1996 and thinking I was a big time Charlie as it had a rear

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A timeline of a freelancer’s day – well my day

When I was a teacher from 1987 to 2015, like all colleagues and pupils, bells and term time defined my life. I'd fume if there was an Open Evening or Parents' Evening where we expected to explain progress to 30 sets of parents an hour after ending in the classroom, until 8pm. The only respite

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12 years in Norfolk, 4 months a vegan

I've been gluten free and on a restricted diet since 2000.  I was diagnosed with coeliac disease after years of physical emaciation. I dropped to 10 stone and a 28 waist at 38. The doctor in Yorkshire pulled no punches. When I went back for the umpteenth time - "You look terminally ill. I'm phoning

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Copywriter earns well, dressed like a chav

How to make money as a copywriter dressed like a chav The grey tracksuited, puffer jacket wearing great unwashed rolling fags, eating badly, taking drugs and drinking too much: the chav. I'm a chav copywriter. I think. A roadman or wordman? Funnily enough, I fit into most of these categories - or used to.  I

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Vegan balti in Birmingham after an epic train journey

January 2020 has started off with a bang and it won't be long before the Portfolio page is updated with 7 or 8 new website projects. I'm in Birmingham this week to discuss retained writing for a company and am quite excited for the Thomas the Tank Engine trek from Great Yarmouth to New Street.

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Plant based, veganism – not as challenging as you’d imagine

I went for a totally plant-based diet, 3 months ago now, after six weeks of vegetarianism before this. Now I do like a bandwagon and gratefully jumped on this one - not because I don’t care about animal rights, but mainly because I watched “The Game Changers” on Netflix and I fell for the hype.

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Feliz Navidad – this web designer and writer hits Madrid

As a family, we do enjoy a city break a couple of times a year. I’m not particularly capable in any modern foreign languages though the wife and children are. Tricia is fluent in French and German and can get by in Italian and Spanish. Son, James, is doing a degree in French and English

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Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah VAT Man

I was featured on The State of LinkedIn's Twitter feed, last week, for my LinkedIn status about officially being in the top 5% of earners and levying VAT. If it was meant to wound me, it did the opposite. I did laugh out loud that the 125,000 views of the LinkedIn status, the 1000 plus

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This Norwich web design freelancer is on show soon

On 5th November, Guido Walton, a Norwich web design freelancer, is giving a five minute talk and taking part in a seminar in Norwich on copywriting and blogging. To be honest, I'm quite flattered and excited about the event. I taught English from 1987 to 2014 and presenting was part of my DNA. Though I

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“Joker” – put on a happy face?

After two abortive attempts to watch "Joker" we got third time lucky today and managed to actually get tickets and see "Joker". It's a film set in the 80s with its issues firmly lodged in the here and now: societal breakdown and mental breakdown at its core. It's a beautiful, moving, dark elegiac journey into

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