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Are you optimising your website for search terms and volumes?

I'll come clean - Google "copywriter Great Yarmouth" and I'm number one on the search. The problem is no-one and I mean no-one is searching for that term. I know as I pay a hefty subscription for a tool to help businesses with SEO. So, before I pat my back at sitting loftily for copywriter

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Do you own page one of Google for your name?

Page one Google dreams We all dream of being at the top of page one of Google for lucrative search terms but it's not an easy task to achieve at all. Firstly, you've got to find the search volumes (if they're labelled as 10 per month, don't bother), work out whether competition is high, medium

Web designer Great Yarmouth is staying put

We recently had an impulsive (and rash) idea to sell the family home here in Bradwell, Great Yarmouth. This web designer Great Yarmouth had itchy feet, again. Our son has left home and we feel the house is no longer the same, since he went (or was sent) to university. Our heads had been turned

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Yesterday, Gorleston high street seemed so far away.

Gorleston, Gorleston-on-Sea, is a place we’ve now lived in for 11 years and quite frankly loved living in. It’s a town that’s changed beyond recognition from when we first upped sticks. We moved initially to Jenner Road, on the Paget Estate. This was followed by a long stint on Elmgrove Road, with so many architecturally

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Affordable web design Great Yarmouth – where?

Are you looking for affordable web design Great Yarmouth - if so, this freelancer can help. If I drive 3 miles down the A143, the congested route of Beccles Road, or the A47 (formerly A11, renamed to make us think we'd got a new dual carriageway?), I arrive in Great Yarmouth. It's a funny place,

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Am I on holiday in Norfolk, still?

We say it every time we travel down the Acle Straight, towards home, which was Gorleston until 3 years ago, and now Bradwell, a suburb of Great Yarmouth. Not the eponymous "Are we there yet?" but does it still feel like we're on holiday here? Last weekend, heading back from Norwich  the question, usually habitual, wasn't raised. Bet

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Woodland walks close to my Norfolk home

When my nose isn't pressed firmly to the grindstone of work, which it tends to be nowadays, I often have a 60 minute to 90 minute daily sabbatical of a dog walk with the most recent addition to the family, a rescue border collie, who is delightful. Working from home is wonderful, but when I

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Are you exploiting the millions of zombies?

I am a zombie. My daughter is, my wife and son less so. We are the living dead. Walking round with fixed stares. Stares set on screens - living life through a lens, vicariously, whatever you want to call it. Not alone though as most of the population seem glued to smartphones and the internet.

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How to get found on Google in Great Yarmouth and Gorleston?

There's riches in niches, clearly, and I'll grab a knife, carve that humble pie and eat a slice now, because, I admit to being wrong. There. Said it. A native of Yorkshire admitting fallibility is unheard of. But I'm wrong. You see, in my aim for SEO dominance with this venture, I went for low

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Are you actively pursuing 5 star Google reviews?

I'm of an age when I remember the thud of Yellow Pages and the BT phonebook landing though letterboxes, the free newspaper (which I carry now from the welcome mat to recycling as it lands) and the days of buying newspapers, which seems so arcane, that I actually pinch and zoom when I stumble upon

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Great Yarmouth, a town I live in

Seaside towns have a bad reputation: think Blackpool, Bridlington, Rhyl, Great Yarmouth, Hastings. Seasonal tourism, low paid jobs and a poor transport infrastructure, generally. We moved to Gorleston, a major town, south of Great Yarmouth, 11 years ago and have since moved to Bradwell, a generally modern suburb, and I feel like it's home now.

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