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What does an ideal exam schedule look like?

The death of controlled assessments and GCSE grades led to increased pressure on schools, their leadership, departments and students to pull out all the stops in a terminal examination – in English, four of them! The days of dishing out past papers a few weeks before Year 11 leave or once in Year 10 at

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Why this new marking venture came about

I’ve blogged repeatedly on my company website about my GCSE Marking service and when I first launched that business and left teaching for good, marking became a good source of both income and satisfaction. I have a big network of teaching friends and from various exam boards on LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as long red

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Not drowning but waving – from a sea of red pens

I welcome lighter nights, the clocks going forward, the shutting off of central heating until October (well at least here in Norfolk), but spring and summer for me comes with an added bonus: GCSE English Language exam marking. I mark all year round for various exam boards, schools, multi-academy trusts and colleges, mainly GCSE English Language

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GCSE English Language marking – work smarter

I’ll come clean now. I am a marking expert. That’s not me giving it “the Big I Am.” It’s fact. I marked in 1988 for the NEAB (I think?) and have done ever since, on and off, with internal exams as an English teacher, head of English since 1996 and with exam boards across GCSE

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Raise attainment at GCSE and raise departmental morale

I am a sucker for punishment, a man with a sad admission: I am embroiled currently and will be, until July, in GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature marking. Mock exams and real exams for various exam boards, schools and multi-academy trusts. I’m good at marking too: I can spot errors, apply a mark

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I can help your English department with GCSE marking workload

I left teaching three years ago, but education still clings to me like barnacles on a rock and no matter what waves hit me, I still consciously and subconsciously see myself as a teacher of English. It defined me for 27 years so that’s to be expected?

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