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Freelance writer is one of my many job titles.

Could this Norfolk web designer move to London?

Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, where we’ve lived now for 12 years, is remote.  Anyone arriving in Norfolk at say King’s Lynn might be lulled into thinking “we’ve arrived” when really it’s possibly a further 90 minutes to drive. I like the remoteness now though. I like the distinct geographical separation it’s engendered from my past;

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Don’t get too hung up on the bloody logo!

I genuinely love what I do: web design, copywriting and digital marketing.  There is one part of that triad though that turns me to despair: the logo. Don't get me wrong; some clients are very easy going and are happy with a first or second version, but, no word of a lie, I've refunded two

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Return of the Mac – even in Storm Ciara weather.

Impulsively, a few weeks ago, I decided to fill a void in my Apple virtual life with the purchase of a MacBook Pro 16. I didn’t enter Norwich with the intention of looking at one, let alone buying one, but a banner - damn you print marketing - caught my eye stating Interest Free Credit

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Son leaves for Cardiff and how we feel

Cardiff awaits this weekend with the loss of our son. I’ve always been a hands on dad, in the best possible way. Bringing up the two children in partnership with my wife. There’s no state of tiredness as overwhelming as being a new parent. I remember it well, even though it’s 18 years since James

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Planning for 2019 – always think ahead – bellends need not apply

Whilst you’re sipping your Harvey’s Bristol Cream (oh I do miss that and other alcohol!), your thoughts may turn to 2019 or they may not. I’m always planning ahead, because being freelance and self-employed means you can’t think “Sod it I’ll take January 2019 off and have a much-needed rest.” I’ve got plans underway too

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The budget, housing and the ghost of Banquo

So what happened in yesterday's budget for housing, announced by the wan Philip Hammond, a man with less colour in his complexion than Banquo's ghost? Quite a few points actually. 1 Help to Buy Help to Buy was extended for a further 2 years to 2023. It's a scheme that has got many people into

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Two becomes three, now Big Brother is watching me

When I pick up Orwell, I feel a slight malaise. It seems so old-fashioned and antiquated, the ideas of Stalinism in “Animal Farm” or the Thought Police in “1984” – yet the themes of these two novels, at least, are still remarkably contemporary.

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Tell me why I don’t like Mondays

I do actually like them. Mondays that is. Nowadays. Becoming self-employed makes you oblivious to the usual conventions of working – the commute, those odious bosses, those colleagues who insist on socialising with you, when you have a veneer of contempt for them daily, that pathetic salary making someone else rich.

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Content marketing strategy – why you should have one

Get Pro Copy reached a milestone yesterday – it turned 2 years old. I knew when I began planning the business that it would succeed, namely because I love writing and I knew that the idea of providing a decent content marketing strategy for others would work. To be honest, I never had any doubts

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Dear Apple, I’m quickly posting this in case my iPhone dies

Clearly I’m not sending this to Jonny Ives. They have more important things to deal with than a letter from some two bit freelance writer, known as Victor Meldrew in the trade, moaning about Apple, iOS 11 and the battery drain. First world problems indeed. But I will address this to my small band of

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Why I gave up drinking and what it’s done for me

I posted recently a photo of me one year ago from France when I was a regular consumer of alcohol, a binge drinking machine. Bear in mind that this was August 2016, when I was self-employed and not ravaged by 190 days of teaching. By Christmas, I'd given up on alcohol for good. I'd lost

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Oh CD – you sound so much better than streams

The Compact Disc is perhaps going the same way as the humble cassette, into musical heaven as a footnote in history, but I believe strongly that the CD should be saved. Why? To my rather large ears, they sound so much better than streamed playlists from Apple Music or Spotify. Okay they’re cumbersome and bulky

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Starting up a business: how to do it in 10 easy steps

I sometimes get asked how do you start a business – I’d be fibbing to you if I pretended it was a weekly or monthly conversation, but amidst the social media and real life convos I have, it occasionally rears its head. I like to explain it how it is, so here goes.

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Stop being a washing machine with your boring blogs

I remember becoming a father 16 years ago for the first time and eagerly listening to ways to get our new-born son to sleep as we felt like we’d been through a proverbial hundred year war. Don’t get me wrong, the pregnancy was easy (for me at least) and the delivery quicker than Amazon Prime,

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Freelance writing – I control my business, now.

I can count life-changing events on two hands: marriage, diagnosis with a food allergy, the birth of my two children, going teetotal and throwing off the shackles of education, through freelance writing. They’ve all been seismic and I would not like to rank them in order of magnitude. But as I’m a writer, who engages

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Is home a state of mind or an actual place?

When we went back to Staffordshire in late December (oh what a night), it felt, as we drove from Ashbourne, along the A52 to Leek, that we’d arrived at home. We’d not been there since we relocated north in 2002 and, instead of that general feeling of disappointment one can feel, when you return, we

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Eating gluten in early childhood

I was lucky enough to go through a four tier education phase: first school, juniors, middle and high. First school saw me walking there daily with my mum – cars were for the privileged few and no one was driven to school as one parent (mainly mums) didn’t work. Quite quaint really when I compare

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The loneliness of the long distance writer.

Despite having enough work to occupy me freelance, I quite fancy leaving the house once or twice a week. Not just to shop, not just to meet clients, not just to exercise (those demons) at the gym, but to mix, mingle, and be merry amongst a workforce. You see, like Alan Sillitoe’s Smith, I need,

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Stuart Walton, no wine, and I’m whining

Stuart Walton, my name. I thought again about my name tonight as years ago, an astute and talented colleague of mine, Mark Williams, a History teacher in Stoke on Trent, delighted me one morning when he carried in a book he’d bought for me, with my name on it. Stuart Walton.

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Email Copywriting, how to get success for business

I don’t know about you but I’m inundated daily by emails, with many examples of woeful email copywriting. Inundated with emails offering 50 free spins, a free £10 spreadbet, £50 if I open an online poker account – and I don’t even gamble – except in Spring, accompanied by lambs, obviously.

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Generation Rent – why the future scares me.

Generation Rent – me? No. Not me. £30 a week I paid at 18 for halls of residence accommodation on the 9th floor of Wearmouth Hall in Sunderland, pre-demolition obviously. £120 a month, which included breakfast, evening meal and all utility bills.

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Writers needed – how to spread your writer’s block

Writers needed – how to spread your writer’s block:  is a title that sounds like a case of the lurgy? But it’s a search term “writers needed” that I sometimes reach out for, to go all Linkedin, to find some “synergy” and ahem income.

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25 things I can do for your business

Meet Stuart Walton, freelance writer and copywriter, here listing 25 things I can do for your business. Read on.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

The Guardian, that bastion of muesli-munching, Birkenstock wearing, bearded, politically correct readers – i.e., me, published an article this week that caught my eye for its unusual candyfloss content: the 10 Best Albums of the first half of 2016.

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26 reasons why you should pay a writer.

Free writer doesn’t mean free from payment. In this expansive publication, I thought I’d address – at great length – whether writers, document writers, article writers, should write for free. It’s handily labelled A to Z with some decent (and some not so decent) attempts to subtitle like an acrostic poem. X was tricky –

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