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The National – music to work and relax with

I have a fairly catholic taste in music, liking anything from Dean Martin to Drake, but my Spotify and Apple Music libraries have several firm favourites - The 1975, REM, Bruce Springsteen and, recently, The National. The final group has, I admit, reached a point of obsession in that I've downloaded all their albums, and

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Will Coronavirus and lockdown lead to recession?

I'm a dab hand at working from home I know, I know. When I first embarked on the road with freelance writing and marketing, it felt distinctly lonely. I'd had 27 years of banter in a classroom and staffroom with staff and students, and to be home alone was initially disconcerting. Not any more though.

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Love in the time of Coronavirus

Covid 19, or Come on Eileen, has made me, and, no doubt, so many others, reflect on mortality. I don't intend dying any day  soon, admittedly, but after a rather dodgy week in Edinburgh, in February, and the recent quarantine and news, events have made me think more. I can honestly say, in my 54

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In under a month, my teaching career ends officially

I've had more lives in teaching than a cat; I've risen like a Phoenix several times and made false starts to reinvent myself or return to teaching. But come 4th April, I hit 55 and a career that could have spanned 33 years comes to an end. For most of that period from 1987 to

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Do you own page one of Google for your name?

Page one Google dreams We all dream of being at the top of page one of Google for lucrative search terms but it's not an easy task to achieve at all. Firstly, you've got to find the search volumes (if they're labelled as 10 per month, don't bother), work out whether competition is high, medium

Looking to make a living from freelance? Diversify.

Riches in niches, blah de blah. Like any cliché, it holds water. You specialise in your products and services and you’ll make gains. Until that technology, that product becomes obsolete of course - like video rentals etc. If you go niche, you’ve more chance of standing out amongst rivals in that field. My advice though

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Ten things I miss about employment

Instead of espousing the virtues of freelance, I thought I'd do a tilt job and talk about 10 things I actually miss: Colleagues  Regular pay Weekends Holidays  The Friday feeling Working with young people (I was a teacher if you've not sussed it) The commute - only if under 30 minutes mind Workplace banter Paying

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A timeline of a freelancer’s day – well my day

When I was a teacher from 1987 to 2015, like all colleagues and pupils, bells and term time defined my life. I'd fume if there was an Open Evening or Parents' Evening where we expected to explain progress to 30 sets of parents an hour after ending in the classroom, until 8pm. The only respite

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12 years in Norfolk, 4 months a vegan

I've been gluten free and on a restricted diet since 2000.  I was diagnosed with coeliac disease after years of physical emaciation. I dropped to 10 stone and a 28 waist at 38. The doctor in Yorkshire pulled no punches. When I went back for the umpteenth time - "You look terminally ill. I'm phoning

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Feliz Navidad – this web designer and writer hits Madrid

As a family, we do enjoy a city break a couple of times a year. I’m not particularly capable in any modern foreign languages though the wife and children are. Tricia is fluent in French and German and can get by in Italian and Spanish. Son, James, is doing a degree in French and English

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Starting a business is exciting – avoid partnerships at all costs though

Starting any business, particularly after paid employment, can be incredibly exciting and daunting, at the same time. You’ve got the fear of leaving the known for the unknown; leaving a salary to risk all on a business idea. We’ve been there ourselves. It’s not an easy decision to make. You will probably lie awake at

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Is print as dead as that Python parrot?

I don't jaunt that often - if jaunt can be made into a verb; but when I do it inevitably involves some Alan Partridge excursions into budget hotels which are invariably paid for by companies who've commissioned me.  Premier Inn, Hyde, the home of Britain's biggest serial killer, Dr Shipman, where the residents were all

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Why blogging is good for your business

Before I get accused of vested interests, I’ll come clean, as I’m always an open book, that yes blogging is good for your business and it is for mine too. I get paid reasonably well to do something I enjoy and am reasonably good at: writing. When I used to tell people I met that

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Good grief, this Apple fan boy has moved to Android

Seismic shifts happened last Thursday in my personal and business world, in that a man who's worn iOS blinkers since the iPhone 4's launch in 2010 has moved to the dark side, Android. Let me explain first why this was so chasmic a move. It reads like a long brag, perhaps, or as excessive myopia,

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What is the most difficult part of web design?

Web design is skilful. It is at times a frustrating process, from initial set up of domain, to pointing nameservers, arranging hosting, to propagation to installing themes and plugins. Naively, I used to think it was about buying a domain, installing WordPress, buying a theme and oof the website is done. If only. It's a

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From Poundworld to House of Fraser, retail is in meltdown

I'm not a business analyst and would never claim to be though I do read the news and follow events on social media, and so couldn't miss the announcements that Poundworld and House of Fraser are in financial trouble and are doing a Jessops / HMV / Game and going on a financial diet with

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Rolling back the years with a weekend away

We’ve been in Norfolk for 10 years this summer – tempus fugit and all that – and when we occasionally hitch up the camels to make the trek out of this remote corner of England, I feel frustrated with the isolation and accompanying journey times. Amsterdam is closer to us than London, believe it or

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Possible opening chapter to a gluten-filled autobiography?

Please indulge me; this autobiographical tome has been a long time coming. It’s self-centred, as it’s about me, about my life, my family, my career. It may strike you as indulgent and self-obsessed and I apologise, but what it isn’t is a niche piece for diagnosed and undiagnosed coeliacs. Hopefully humour and personality will shine

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Estate agent fees – how to survive and not die.

All about estate agent fees – how to survive and not die, my thoughts. I live in Bradwell, a bungalowed suburb of Great Yarmouth, nice place, but permanently riddled with roadworks and delays along the A143, Beccles Road. A 1.5 mile school run can take 20 minutes to do by car and I’ve tried all

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The art of awesome writing in just 300 words

I find writing comes easy to me, not because Shakespeare was a distant relative or I had a marvellous public school education, but because I taught. If you had 5 one hour slots a day, five days a week, with a demanding teenage audience motivating them with a love of English and Literature, you’d grow

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Haircut takes 15 minutes for £10 so what should I charge?

I keep my Facebook personal account separate from my public profile and it’s so locked down that when people try to add me, they can’t. It’s not because I’m anti-social, far from it, but I do like to voice on my personal platform views and opinions that may make a bricklayer blush. Not pottymouth stuff,

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Terminally self-employed with a dog lead in my hand

I’ve watched Sean Penn in “Dead Man Walking”, I’ve seen “The Green Mile” and witnessed first hand the reaction to Tom Robinson’s demise when teaching Harper Lee’s classic. Carlson shooting Candy’s dog though in “Of Mice and Men” made little emotional impact on me, until last weekend. You see, like any major decision: buying a car,

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I could clean my own car, but time is money

I’m a firm believer in outsourcing to experts – whether that’s selling my house, getting rid of household items, or something more prosaic like car cleaning. Some people call it the “gig economy”, outsourcing or being time-savvy and all three fit.

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The value of self-education when self-employed

Education for me ran ostensibly from 1969 to 2014, primary school to teaching, and the O levels and A levels, degree, various Inset training had their value, but arguably the last few years of self-education have been the loveliest learning curve. Self-education is indeed the best. Why?

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Have Friday or Sunday seven days a week

I’m no fan of Morrissey to be honest, even though “This Charming Man” is a key song of my university soundtrack from the early 80s, but he is on to something with his “Every day is like Sunday” tune. I prefer an analogy to Friday to be honest. That’s what self-employment is like. Sunday (or

Literacy and how I can help businesses with it.

The reason I exist, Get Pro Copy exists, is because I am a literacy expert. I’ve got a knack with words, a fair few teaching and learning techniques from my classroom years, and a desire to help others with literacy. It was teaching English what did it.

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Cut to the chase, give me a copywriting definition

Copywriting? Give me a copywriting definition now, you pretentious wannabe. Following the 10 commandments of email copywriting, here I go for some broader brush strokes and give you a copywriting definition, in terms of what I do and what I can do for you and your business.

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How to improve GCSE English Language in 2017

No matter how hard I try, no matter how often I shake off the  shackles, leg irons and make a dash for freedom, I always return. Return to what I’ve done since 1987: teach. Teaching English, GCSE English Language and English Literature.

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