Goodbye teaching – I am officially retired now.

I remember childhood well; particularly school and the early stages of being a linguistic Nazi at 4, when I corrected Mrs Holiday's spelling on the first day there. She probably muttered "twat" afterwards but she praised me at the time and made a point of telling my mum, I was a genius, after school. Reading

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Repeat after me “I don’t do bosses”

Bosses are bellends Time to step over to the turntable of history and put on the old record "Bosses are bellends". Now clearly - not all of them. I've worked with some great people as my line managers in life - but 85% are probably bellends. It's partly why I left teaching as headteachers, the

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Copywriter earns well, dressed like a chav

How to make money as a copywriter dressed like a chav The grey tracksuited, puffer jacket wearing great unwashed rolling fags, eating badly, taking drugs and drinking too much: the chav. I'm a chav copywriter. I think. A roadman or wordman? Funnily enough, I fit into most of these categories - or used to.  I

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Vegan balti in Birmingham after an epic train journey

January 2020 has started off with a bang and it won't be long before the Portfolio page is updated with 7 or 8 new website projects. I'm in Birmingham this week to discuss retained writing for a company and am quite excited for the Thomas the Tank Engine trek from Great Yarmouth to New Street.

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Plant based, veganism – not as challenging as you’d imagine

I went for a totally plant-based diet, 3 months ago now, after six weeks of vegetarianism before this. Now I do like a bandwagon and gratefully jumped on this one - not because I don’t care about animal rights, but mainly because I watched “The Game Changers” on Netflix and I fell for the hype.

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Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah VAT Man

I was featured on The State of LinkedIn's Twitter feed, last week, for my LinkedIn status about officially being in the top 5% of earners and levying VAT. If it was meant to wound me, it did the opposite. I did laugh out loud that the 125,000 views of the LinkedIn status, the 1000 plus

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1460 days since I started this business – or 4 years

Quite a milestone today in that this business, Get Pro Copy Ltd, turns 4 Its genesis came about at a low point in my personal and professional life, when it became obvious that I had to find something new to do to save my sanity, and writing was the plan. I've always loved writing From

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“Joker” – put on a happy face?

After two abortive attempts to watch "Joker" we got third time lucky today and managed to actually get tickets and see "Joker". It's a film set in the 80s with its issues firmly lodged in the here and now: societal breakdown and mental breakdown at its core. It's a beautiful, moving, dark elegiac journey into

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Get Pro Copy has had an autumnal makeover

This website is overdue a total makeover. It started off almost four years ago as a simple brochure site of 4 pages to showcase my copywriting services and it's since gone off on more tangents than a parliamentary Brexit debate (in a similar time span) Keep it fresh You see design and branding should never

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Yesterday, Gorleston high street seemed so far away.

Gorleston, Gorleston-on-Sea, is a place we’ve now lived in for 11 years and quite frankly loved living in. It’s a town that’s changed beyond recognition from when we first upped sticks. We moved initially to Jenner Road, on the Paget Estate. This was followed by a long stint on Elmgrove Road, with so many architecturally

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Is Norwich city centre recession-proof?

Apart from Thorne, Doncaster, a place I spent 18 years in from birth to university, I've never remained anywhere as long as we've stayed in Norwich, Norfolk. I've had a few bad experiences here, in the recent past, in education, but even that, with hindsight, was a massive favour. I had fallen out of love

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Was George right to shoot Lennie?

I realised when the reptilian Gove removed "Of Mice and Men" from the curriculum that my days were numbered in a classroom. I'd taught it for over 20 years and seen the old and newer versions of the dvd repeatedly. I realised too, when I set up this business, that the days of coaching students

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Off to Paris at Christmas before Little Brexit Britain shuts down in March

I’ve never ever understood the mentality that Britain is Great. When we hop across to France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain et al, I have never once thought “not as nice as Scunthorpe” or “I prefer Oldham” or “Blackpool tower has better views.” No. That’s why the Brexit vote bewildered me. Okay it was predicated

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Shrek – how to structure your content like Shrek

I've developed something of a resemblance to Shrek in recent years - the waistline has expanded big time, my grumpiness occasionally rears its head and I sometimes end up with clients who are donkeys: stubborn, answering back and reluctant to pay for work done. But, back in the day, I used to show "Shrek" on

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“Lorem Ipsum” be gone – use a proper copywriter

Ah Lorem Ipsum, or Lorem Ipsum Dolor (I think) if I'm feeling expansive - the beige text place filler that says put text here and a sight that many web designers and clients sigh over when they see it. Lorem Ipsum needs replacing you see. And that causes navel gazing and head scratching, because trust

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Will Alexa replace humans in the property industry?

I've switched gas and electricity suppliers in the past month in our new build from British Gas to EDF, mainly, sadly, to witness a Smart Home meter from Netatmo (supplied and fitted free) along with a free Amazon Echo. They're both impressive pieces of kit, and I think if I'd forked out £250 for them,

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Goodbye 2017, you were a fine and dandy year

2017 – the year of the Phoenix for me – the year I stopped looking back and started looking forward, and built on successful businesses, as well as developing new ones. Get Pro Copy became a Ltd Company with my wife asking for (and being refused) a shareholder role. That business has served me well

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How to change from teaching to selling easily

When I first went into estate agency, I thought I had no eye for sales, as it wasn’t something I’d done all my career. After estate agency, setting up Get Pro Copy, I still had the same doubts. How could I convince people to pay for my services with writing or social media, when I’d

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Website copywriting services – without the delays

Website copywriting services – increasingly I find I’m asked if I offer this and the answer is an emphatic yes. You see a website without compelling words and fresh content just hangs in limbo so to speak. To make your online presence standout and get hits, you need copy. Copy for your landing pages, about,

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Illy coffee is my new wine, and chain coffee is arse gravy

Illy coffee is my new wine, and chain coffee is arse gravy. Let’s just look at my daily caffeine intake: 6.45 I rise to shine to knock out a feeble boost of Earl Grey, and I ruin it by adding both sugar and milk – not to builder proportions but enough to drown the delicate

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Norfolk copywriter misses home and search volumes.

You’d think  after 16 months of deliberately ignoring Google searches for Norfolk copywriter, I’d be nowhere on that search engine. But despite my best efforts to ignore the search, I’m blithely sat today on the middle of page 2. I’ve blogged before about search volumes for London copywriter and Manchester copywriter, but never Norfolk copywriter.

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25 things I can do for your business

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