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Why coaching matters with digital marketing

I do think that I've developed my own social media channels for Get Pro Copy Ltd pretty well. All six are relatively active, with YouTube slumbering, whilst others are frantic with energy. I spend most time and energy on the ones that deliver results for me: LinkedIn, then Facebook, then Instagram. I pin blog posts

The pen is mightier than the sword, they say?

I make money, a good living actually, from the pen and the keyboard.  Far more than I made in teaching English, leading an English team or being a Director of the subject across three schools. There's money in words and lots of it and if you're ignoring content as a means of increasing profits, quite

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How decent copywriting can generate leads

When I occasionally blog on Get Pro Copy or Nest in Norfolk, one of my other companies, I see a spike in visitor numbers on Google Analytics. Makes sense, really. What I also see longer term is a steady rise in search engine rankings. If I blogged weekly, without fail, I'm sure I'd be at

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Do you subconsciously avoid clicking Google ads?

When I launched my first business six years ago, I was smitten by the Google ads offer of £75 in free advertising for Pay Per Click in return for a £25 investment. Seemed an absolute no-brainer back then. I sculpted an enticing advert within the set Google parameters, paid my money and watched as the

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Google rewards fresh content and here’s how yo can do it.

Copywriting, blogging or sharing stories; informing, entertaining, prompting and challenging is one major factor that could make or break your business. In grand terms, it’s called content marketing. Which means providing content that is not sell, sell, sell, but help, help, help and which people read and feel compelled to share. Share triggers – built

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Area guides for estate agents – prove you know your stuff

Area guides for estate agents - prove you know your stuff As leading Great Yarmouth estate agents, we know this part of east Norfolk well and what surprises many visitors in the spring and summer months is just how affordable the area is. The most expensive part of the borough lies 4 miles inland: Burgh

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Start a freelance business, live and breathe again

I’d little intention of becoming a teacher when a child, but I fell into it, a rut I kneeled in for the best part of 30 years. I was held there partly because I like teaching, the students, but mainly because of salary security. I should have left to start a freelance business. Yesterday though

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How to increase sales with a blogging strategy

Companies have at last latched on to the value of a blogging, or content marketing, strategy. Visit 10 websites at random, go on, of various small businesses and count how many have a news or blog tab. There may not be 10 but there will be a few, I guarantee, because blogging is a great

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Ditch that SEO monkey in the corner

If you’re looking to be found on search engines for certain terms, don’t be too broad, aim to be specific, but make sure it’s being searched for. I’d like to be found on page one of Google or Bing (Crosby?) for Copywriter UK but it’s a bit of a pipe dream. Copywriter UK is too

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Stop being a washing machine with your boring blogs

I remember becoming a father 16 years ago for the first time and eagerly listening to ways to get our new-born son to sleep as we felt like we’d been through a proverbial hundred year war. Don’t get me wrong, the pregnancy was easy (for me at least) and the delivery quicker than Amazon Prime,

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Shopping habits have changed – so your business habits have to

Poor old Toys R Us, you might say, going bust. With my usual cynical head on, I could see it coming. M and S will be next, I reckon, with its clothing side going to the wall – there’s only so much beige and grey us old people can tolerate. B and Q too, perhaps.

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Repeat after me: “It’s all about the content.”

I'll keep this blog post deliberately short as I have a message that could fit in a tweet. "Google rewards fresh content." There, you have it - in just four words. If you want to be found online and given a virtual fist-bump, or high-five by Google, get writing fresh content. And if you can't

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Property content marketing – all I ever do and I love it.

Do you remember when Kevin Keegan (fellow Doncaster lad) went on a meltdown when Sir Alex Ferguson started playing his famous mind games? King Kev, as Newcastle boss, in the days before Mike Ashley owned the club, repeatedly spouted “I’d love it …” and was mocked and admired in equal measure. Well, I’ve been spouting,

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Elephants (and car buyers) never forget.

It’s a strange idiom, isn’t it, elephants never forget? Are elephants’ memories remarkable or is it just a human assumption based on their size and expected longevity? Have any elephants ever recounted to a human very early memories of life in India or a zoo? The elephant in the corner is another one that we

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Why you should use a copywriting expert in life.

It’s Monday. Weekend over. Spare a thought for the estate agent today. That estate agent staring at screens, enthusiasm dimmed by the peaks and troughs of the industry, the vagaries of a malevolent office boss, working like a cockroach, not a unicorn, to find property listings, good at many things, excellent at others and rubbish

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25 things I can do for your business

Meet Stuart Walton, freelance writer and copywriter, here listing 25 things I can do for your business. Read on.

Can you sell property without Rightmove or Zoopla?

Given the huge portal costs and the attempts by the On The Market to break this duopoly, can you successfully sell a property as an estate agency without using these three behemoths?

How to move up, not sideways, in crabby Cromer.

Cromer, proclaimed as the “Gem of the Norfolk coast” on its welcome signs, is a rather grand Victorian coastal settlement, with a vibrant property market, which I’ll talk about later.

How to emotionally connect with consumer psychology

I blogged yesterday about SEO and consumer psychology, with a promise of an article expanding on the ideas I’d outlined – so here goes.

Pinterest power strategies – how to create success

Pinterest is something I use regularly to divert traffic to my website and blog post. Here, I’ll give my tips for creating marketing success from Pinterest.

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