About Stuart Walton

  • Writing: I’m a skilled freelance copywriter, web designer and  web writer who will create engaging copy for your printed or online audiences.
  • Well travelled: sort of; born in Doncaster, lived in Leeds, Sunderland, Manchester, Staffordshire and now Norfolk. I’ve been occasionally known to leave England too (mainly for France).
  • Publisher: I’m creative, accurate and I write compelling words. Using humour and anecdotes is a style of my writing, from almost 30 years of teaching English successfully.
  • Professional:  I never miss a deadline, I’m on time, every time. Used to bells, you see.
  • Freelance Copywriter: Digital Copywriting, Print Copywriting and SEO Copywriting are all strengths to propel you up Google page rankings, attracting and retaining clients through your content.
  • Graduate: I’ve got a 2.1 Honours degree in English Studies and almost 30 years of teaching and leading English from 9 year olds to 18 year olds; I’m an expert on literacy and digital literacy, as well as the property market having spent two years in estate agency.
  • Experienced: social media savvy, having built and managed many Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter pages, including my own.
  • Web designer: I can build or improve your website, for an inclusive package including hosting, domain, SSL encryption, updates and back-ups, writing all the content, incorporating design elements and integrating social media.

Copywriting – the skills and abilities needed.

An Eye For Detail

I have a keen eye for detail and am able to spot errors in my own work, acting as proofreader and copy editor. Years of writing, examining and modelling excellent copy have made me extremely eagle-eyed.

A Wide Vocabulary

As you’d expect from an experienced English teacher, I have a wide vocabulary in my “word arsenal”.  Sometimes though, tried and tested, simple vocabulary is better – powerful headlines and blog titles need simplicity.


As a freelance copywriter and ghostwriter, I’m innately curious about learning all about products and services – tapping into customer fears, a product’s USPs and a company’s benefits, for example.  I write with the voice of an expert in whatever field you’re looking for.


Proofreading – you haven’t got time or the inclination to go through your writing with the proverbial toothcomb? Let me do that – I’ve done it with a red pen since 1987 – so I’m used to it.

The Ability To See Different Points of View

As a freelance copywriter, I put myself in the shoes of the buyer. I am able to persuade the customer that the product or service I am writing copy for is going to benefit them. You want copy that will make people hit click rather than back – then get in touch.

Research Skills

Tied in with curiosity are my research skills. I’m able to find answers and information through research, using wide sources to communicate through content writing with your target market, your clients.

Great Listening Skills

We talk; I listen to you carefully and then provide the type of content you want for the market you’re targetting. I will follow your brief closely and communicate with you constantly throughout the copywriting process.


I will not let you down by missing deadlines. Quality copywriting will be delivered on time, every time by me personally.

A design eye

WordPress websites built to your needs with all copy and social media included.