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12 years (a slave) in Norfolk

12 years since we packed our bags and left Crowle in North Lincolnshire and headed south and east for work in Norfolk. Considering I'm a veteran relocator, and despite attempts to leave the county, we remain anchored here. To be honest, now, I consider it to be home and despite some shitty times in schools

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Are you optimising your website for search terms and volumes?

I'll come clean - Google "copywriter Great Yarmouth" and I'm number one on the search. The problem is no-one and I mean no-one is searching for that term. I know as I pay a hefty subscription for a tool to help businesses with SEO. So, before I pat my back at sitting loftily for copywriter

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A podcast with Zelda or the Legend that is Nik McEwan?

I connected with Nik a few years ago now on LinkedIn. He is a very charismatic character with a huge back story of mental illness. He does mammoth walks like from Portsmouth to Edinburgh, making Eddie Izzard look lazy and he's a legend with content creation for himself and others. Great chat with Nik -

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