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Don’t get too hung up on the bloody logo!

I genuinely love what I do: web design, copywriting and digital marketing.  There is one part of that triad though that turns me to despair: the logo. Don't get me wrong; some clients are very easy going and are happy with a first or second version, but, no word of a lie, I've refunded two

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Naming a web design company – a guide

Naming a web design company is not an easy task at all. I know when I set up Get Pro Copy in November 2015, I spent a month scratching my head and asking people for suggestions. It was made doubly odd back then that the fledgling business was purely focused on copywriting. Pro Copy wasn't

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Why a website is absolutely necessary in 2020

Ok let's get the naysayers out of the way now with that title - "you would say it's necessary, wouldn't you, as a freelance web designer?" Fair cop. I will add a warning though - if you think splashing £650 to £2000 on a website, will have you reaching for cigars and smoking jacket, think

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Will Coronavirus and lockdown lead to recession?

I'm a dab hand at working from home I know, I know. When I first embarked on the road with freelance writing and marketing, it felt distinctly lonely. I'd had 27 years of banter in a classroom and staffroom with staff and students, and to be home alone was initially disconcerting. Not any more though.

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