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Primark, a digital warning to us all?

Primark went from £650 million (profits or sales, I don't know) in one month to zero in the next. Ok a global pandemic and lockdown was not something their bosses anticipated but what shocked me more than their 20p an hour exploitation of workers was the Primark website here. It is responsive, attractive, fast to

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10 things to do if you want to make WFH permanent

I'll start by stating the bleeding obvious - I'm a freelance copywriter and web designer who has a vested interest in persuading you to Work From Home or WFH permanently.  Covid 19 and WFH Constantly, I see two extremes in this Covid 19 time. There's those who hate lockdown, being furloughed or skint, which I

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Goodbye teaching – I am officially retired now.

I remember childhood well; particularly school and the early stages of being a linguistic Nazi at 4, when I corrected Mrs Holiday's spelling on the first day there. She probably muttered "twat" afterwards but she praised me at the time and made a point of telling my mum, I was a genius, after school. Reading

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