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Love in the time of Coronavirus

Covid 19, or Come on Eileen, has made me, and, no doubt, so many others, reflect on mortality. I don't intend dying any day  soon, admittedly, but after a rather dodgy week in Edinburgh, in February, and the recent quarantine and news, events have made me think more. I can honestly say, in my 54

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Working from home effectively, away from bosses

I've read some right BS this week on LinkedIn as per usual. Those micromanaging bellends who have parking spots with their name and status on giving it large about working from home. They know that they can't utter "Have you got a minute?" to keep the office, school, business in fear and have had to

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In under a month, my teaching career ends officially

I've had more lives in teaching than a cat; I've risen like a Phoenix several times and made false starts to reinvent myself or return to teaching. But come 4th April, I hit 55 and a career that could have spanned 33 years comes to an end. For most of that period from 1987 to

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