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Hick’s law and how it applies to web design

Jam and soup everywhere You know the moment when you walk into a supermarket intending to buy some soup? You're bewildered by the range of fresh soups in the refrigerator aisle and the tinned ones in the soup aisle. You maybe want jam and can see 40 different jam jars of different makes and flavours.

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Do you own page one of Google for your name?

Page one Google dreams We all dream of being at the top of page one of Google for lucrative search terms but it's not an easy task to achieve at all. Firstly, you've got to find the search volumes (if they're labelled as 10 per month, don't bother), work out whether competition is high, medium

Looking to make a living from freelance? Diversify.

Riches in niches, blah de blah. Like any cliché, it holds water. You specialise in your products and services and you’ll make gains. Until that technology, that product becomes obsolete of course - like video rentals etc. If you go niche, you’ve more chance of standing out amongst rivals in that field. My advice though

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Repeat after me “I don’t do bosses”

Bosses are bellends Time to step over to the turntable of history and put on the old record "Bosses are bellends". Now clearly - not all of them. I've worked with some great people as my line managers in life - but 85% are probably bellends. It's partly why I left teaching as headteachers, the

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Return of the Mac – even in Storm Ciara weather.

Impulsively, a few weeks ago, I decided to fill a void in my Apple virtual life with the purchase of a MacBook Pro 16. I didn’t enter Norwich with the intention of looking at one, let alone buying one, but a banner - damn you print marketing - caught my eye stating Interest Free Credit

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The best places I’ve lived in 54 years of life

I was born in Thorne, a small market / mining town near Doncaster in 1965 and lived there until going to do my degree in 1983. Off to Sunderland. Now that was not a great place to live. Don't get me wrong - the course and social life was great but after 3 years of

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Pay monthly websites that suit your budget

Pay monthly websites are something I offer. Why? Because very few people can walk into a car dealership and pay for a new car outright. Same with houses. We pay for them over 25 years (16 in my case as 70 is the maximum mortgageable age). Ergo smartphones. We think "£70 a month for 2

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Why coaching matters with digital marketing

I do think that I've developed my own social media channels for Get Pro Copy Ltd pretty well. All six are relatively active, with YouTube slumbering, whilst others are frantic with energy. I spend most time and energy on the ones that deliver results for me: LinkedIn, then Facebook, then Instagram. I pin blog posts

Why isn’t my business on page one of Google?

Why isn't my business on page one of Google? We all long to be on Google page one for the various search terms our business is optimised for. Someone is visiting a relative in hospital, they google "florists in Norwich", quick scan and they call or pop in there. They're unlikely to go to page

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Ten things I miss about employment

Instead of espousing the virtues of freelance, I thought I'd do a tilt job and talk about 10 things I actually miss: Colleagues  Regular pay Weekends Holidays  The Friday feeling Working with young people (I was a teacher if you've not sussed it) The commute - only if under 30 minutes mind Workplace banter Paying

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