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How much does it cost to build a website in the UK?

How much does it cost to build a website in the UK? How much does it cost to build a website in the UK is not straightforward to answer. The whole process of costing a website is confusing and in this (long) guide, I intend to explain what a website should cost from domain purchase

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Which social media channel makes me the most gwop?

Street alert again - gwop - too much listening to D Block Europe, Stormzy and Aitch, when I should be tapping my feet to something more becoming of a 54 year old man, on the cusp of retirement. I’ve never ever acted my age though and doubt I ever will. Old man clothes and music

5 ways to save money when setting up a new website

5 ways to save money when setting up a new website My social media banners highlight one prominent statement - "Web design without the agency prices." Check it out on LinkedIn. This then forms the first way: 1. Find a freelancer Firstly, a freelancer in any field will be more affordable than an agency. We

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What’s the big deal about Mobile First?

Oh the heady days of 2012 - when Carly Rae Jepsen Called Me Maybe or Gotye was Somebody I Used to Know? It was the year I started a new job, at 47, thinking it would be my final place of work before retiring from education - I was right. Just not about the date.

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Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?

Before I begin, let me just make it absolutely clear that this is not a question I get asked daily. It is not something that crops up when I’m waiting for a soya latte in Pret, or walking the dog. I don’t make apocryphal questions up to suit some blog post. But. When people actually

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How Much Does it Cost to Redesign a Site?

We all get older, we all age, as humans. Our digital businesses are no different - they age. I remember vividly the pride I felt when I got my first brand new car - a K reg diesel Ford Fiesta in 1996 and thinking I was a big time Charlie as it had a rear

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A timeline of a freelancer’s day – well my day

When I was a teacher from 1987 to 2015, like all colleagues and pupils, bells and term time defined my life. I'd fume if there was an Open Evening or Parents' Evening where we expected to explain progress to 30 sets of parents an hour after ending in the classroom, until 8pm. The only respite

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12 years in Norfolk, 4 months a vegan

I've been gluten free and on a restricted diet since 2000.  I was diagnosed with coeliac disease after years of physical emaciation. I dropped to 10 stone and a 28 waist at 38. The doctor in Yorkshire pulled no punches. When I went back for the umpteenth time - "You look terminally ill. I'm phoning

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Copywriter earns well, dressed like a chav

How to make money as a copywriter dressed like a chav The grey tracksuited, puffer jacket wearing great unwashed rolling fags, eating badly, taking drugs and drinking too much: the chav. I'm a chav copywriter. I think. A roadman or wordman? Funnily enough, I fit into most of these categories - or used to.  I

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Vegan balti in Birmingham after an epic train journey

January 2020 has started off with a bang and it won't be long before the Portfolio page is updated with 7 or 8 new website projects. I'm in Birmingham this week to discuss retained writing for a company and am quite excited for the Thomas the Tank Engine trek from Great Yarmouth to New Street.

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Plant based, veganism – not as challenging as you’d imagine

I went for a totally plant-based diet, 3 months ago now, after six weeks of vegetarianism before this. Now I do like a bandwagon and gratefully jumped on this one - not because I don’t care about animal rights, but mainly because I watched “The Game Changers” on Netflix and I fell for the hype.

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