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This Norwich web design freelancer is on show soon

On 5th November, Guido Walton, a Norwich web design freelancer, is giving a five minute talk and taking part in a seminar in Norwich on copywriting and blogging. To be honest, I'm quite flattered and excited about the event. I taught English from 1987 to 2014 and presenting was part of my DNA. Though I

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“Joker” – put on a happy face?

After two abortive attempts to watch "Joker" we got third time lucky today and managed to actually get tickets and see "Joker". It's a film set in the 80s with its issues firmly lodged in the here and now: societal breakdown and mental breakdown at its core. It's a beautiful, moving, dark elegiac journey into

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Get Pro Copy has had an autumnal makeover

This website is overdue a total makeover. It started off almost four years ago as a simple brochure site of 4 pages to showcase my copywriting services and it's since gone off on more tangents than a parliamentary Brexit debate (in a similar time span) Keep it fresh You see design and branding should never

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Web designer Great Yarmouth is staying put

We recently had an impulsive (and rash) idea to sell the family home here in Bradwell, Great Yarmouth. This web designer Great Yarmouth had itchy feet, again. Our son has left home and we feel the house is no longer the same, since he went (or was sent) to university. Our heads had been turned

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This freelance web designer Norfolk is 4 years old

My business, this freelance web designer Norfolk business, is 4 years old in a few days. It seems opportune to blog about it in some happy birthday celebratory way. Technically, though, in a spirit of openness and honesty, it's a landmark for how it has evolved. You see, when I was given the career equivalent

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