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5 ways to make a success of being self-employed

I used to search for this very term, 4 years ago: 5 ways to make a success of being self-employed. I used to post statuses on social media asking the titular question, until I got repeated contact to sell cordial at £20 a bottle from Forever Living or something like that. Forever pestering, more like.

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The pen is mightier than the sword, they say?

I make money, a good living actually, from the pen and the keyboard.  Far more than I made in teaching English, leading an English team or being a Director of the subject across three schools. There's money in words and lots of it and if you're ignoring content as a means of increasing profits, quite

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Son leaves for Cardiff and how we feel

Cardiff awaits this weekend with the loss of our son. I’ve always been a hands on dad, in the best possible way. Bringing up the two children in partnership with my wife. There’s no state of tiredness as overwhelming as being a new parent. I remember it well, even though it’s 18 years since James

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How decent copywriting can generate leads

When I occasionally blog on Get Pro Copy or Nest in Norfolk, one of my other companies, I see a spike in visitor numbers on Google Analytics. Makes sense, really. What I also see longer term is a steady rise in search engine rankings. If I blogged weekly, without fail, I'm sure I'd be at

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