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Online shopping continues to grow in the UK.

I manage other companies social media so I'm always like a ferret down a rabbit hole. I sniff out relevant engaging news daily. This week I read about the inexorable rise in online shopping in the UK and Europe, with only China and the USA bucking the trend. It's been clear for a while now

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Yesterday, Gorleston high street seemed so far away.

Gorleston, Gorleston-on-Sea, is a place we’ve now lived in for 11 years and quite frankly loved living in. It’s a town that’s changed beyond recognition from when we first upped sticks. We moved initially to Jenner Road, on the Paget Estate. This was followed by a long stint on Elmgrove Road, with so many architecturally

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The new iPad Pro 12.9 – a web designer’s dream

I know I was fixated with Apple and tried, with counselling and support, to wean myself off this expensive habit, but it sucked me back in. That pesky iOS, suitable for a 3 year old or 93 year old, in its simplicity, made me return as an Apple sheep again. Quick recap - when the

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Decent website but how are you driving traffic there?

Decent website but how are you driving traffic there? I design websites for clients. Done pretty well at it the last year too. 150 projects completed, with more stacked up, in line. I didn’t drive business though solely through this website or blogging prolifically. I’ve built a following, a big following on social media. LinkedIn

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